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 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Work
Programme Code54460-SW
Awarding InstitutionThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Programme Starting Date04 Sep 2017
Aims and ObjectivesThe Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Work prepares students for professional practice in social work. Graduates are expected to become competent, humane and versatile social workers who are well qualified to address the needs and problems of the contemporary era.

The objectives of the programme include deepening students' basic understanding of social work and enhancing their practical competencies to handle the increasingly complex social problems that social workers face.
FeaturesThis programme provides a strong social science foundation to enhance students' analytical abilities and familiarises them with the economic, social and cultural contexts of social problems and social work responses.

Theory is integrated with practice in this programme to develop not only the knowledge and theoretical skills, but also the ability to feel, empathise and appreciate.

Students will develop a critical understanding of the social sciences as a foundation for social work study and practice. They will also study social issues and problems from a wide perspective, drawing on a range of theories and methods. A basic understanding of supervision, management, planning and research in social work will also be developed, as they will be the competence in using information, knowledge, theories and resources flexibly and creatively.

This programme is offered by the Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) of PolyU, and is administered by PolyU SPEED. Most of the classes will be held on PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus and PolyU West Kowloon Campus.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the degree will be awarded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Programme details are available on the APSS website
Normal Duration4 years (Part-time mode)
Medium of InstructionEnglish (except for subjects with Chinese requirements)
Programme LeaderDr Leung Sze-ming Samuel      BSW, MASW, PhD
Professional RecognitionGraduates are eligible for registration with the Social Workers Registration Board as Registered Social Workers (RSWs).
Students & Graduates Sharing

I have served as a social worker for 14 years and have experienced ups and downs in this service sector.  I was grateful to have given the chance to further study in the last four years and to have the opportunities to reflect on the value of social work.  I have gradually learnt to listen to my inner voice, cultivate a moral value and emphasize ethical principles in practice.  I hope that I can influence my service users with the persistence, loyalty, passion, sincerity and respect rendered in the service to them.  I respect different senses of values and promote mutual communication in order to enhance understanding among people and towards different issues.

In class, I have learnt to comprehend a person’s situation through a macro-perspective of the social environment and structure.  That means I am able to understand my service users better and see what difficulties they face and how they are oppressed by the social system.  As a social worker, I have paid more attention to current affairs, to practice what I advocate and speak for the justice of our society.  This is a life attitude and a spirit of justice.

After finishing this course, I believe that, despite the little power that we have, each and every social worker is still holding fast to what they believe in and serving those who are in need.  I remember my teacher wrote on the whiteboard in the last lesson: By seeing a glimpse of light, we know we are in deep darkness; and yet because of the deep darkness, we truly need this glimpse of light.  (「但見微光處處,方知夜色已深,正因夜色已深,更顯微光處處。」)


2014 graduate – LEUNG Tak Fai