Dr HONG, Ying

Lecturer 講師

BA, MA (STU); MPhil, PhD (H.K.U.S.T.); 普通話水平測試 (二級甲等)
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Teaching and Scholarly Interests

  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Chinese  Dialectology
  • Phonetics
  • Phonology
  • Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
  • Cantonese


Dr. HONG Ying joined PolyU SPEED in August 2015 and teaches Chinese subjects as a lecturer.  She received her PhD in Chinese Linguistics from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a Mphil in Chinese Linguistics from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a MA in Chinese Linguistics from Shantou University, and a BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Shantou University. Her research interests include Chinese linguistics, Chinese dialectology, phonetics, phonology, Cantonese, and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Prior to joining PolyU SPEED, she was an assistant professor of Chinese department in Shantou University.

Selected Publications

  • 2013.谷饶方言的四个降调 [The four falling tones in Gurao, a Minnan variety] (co-authored by ZHU Xiaonong and LAM Manfong). In Shifeng, Penggang ed., Festschrift in Honor of Professor William S-Y. Wang on his 80th Birthday. HongKong: City University Press.
  • 2011. 拉祜語緊元音:從嘎裂聲到喉塞尾 [‘Tense’ vowels in Lahu: From creaky voice to glottal stop] (co-authored by LIU Jinrong and ZHU Xiaonong) Minority Languages of China《民族語文》. 3:1-9.
  • 2010a. Implosives came from voiceless stops: a case study of Chaozhou Min. (co-authored by ZHU Xiaonong) 《中國語音學報》Chinese Journal of Phonetics Vol.2: 103-107. 第八届中国语音学學術會議論文. 北京,2008.4.18-20.
  • 2010b. The Rise and Fall of Languages, by Robert Dixon. Cambridge University Press, 1997. 《語言興衰論》(With a critical Postscript by ZHU Xiaonong). Co-translated: ZHU Xiaonong, YIM Chi Sing, JIAO Lei, ZHANG Caicai, and HONG Ying. Peking University Press.
  • 2009. 潮州話入聲的陰低陽高. [The phonetic nature of the Entering tones in Chaozhou dialect] (co-authored by ZHU Xiaonong). Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics 4.1: 115-128.
  • 2008a. 入聲演化三途. [Three trajectories of Rusheng sound change] (coauthored by ZHU Xiaonong, JIAO Lei and YIM Chi Sing). Zhongguo Yuwen《中國語文》 4(325): 324-338. CASS.
  • 2008b. 懷集粵語(下坊話)音系及其與廣州粵語比較[Comparison of Huaiji Yue Dialect and Guangzhou Yue Dialect] (co-authored by LIN Lunlun and LIN Chunyu), Journal of Jinan University ( Philosophy and Social Sciences) , 2008: 5.
  • 2007. 潮安畬語中的潮汕方言借詞 [The Loanwords in the She (畲) Language of Chao’an County Borrowed from Chaoshan Dialect] (co-authored by LIN Lunlun),Journal of Yunnan Normal University 《雲南師範大學學報》. 2007: 6.
  • 2006. 潮安畬語及其臺語底層詞 [The Tai Substratum in Chao’an She language] (co-authored by LIN Lunlun and LEI Nan), Journal of Jinan University ( Philosophy and Social Sciences)《暨南學報》2006: 5.
  • 2005a. 廣東潮安縣李工坑村畬民語言生活調查 [An Investigation on the She (畬) People’s Language Life in the Village of Ligongkeng of Chao’an County], Linguistics Study 《語言研究》, 2005: 4.
  • 2005b. 清代庵埠港的盛衰 [The Prosperity and Decline of Anbu Port in Qing Dynasty], Journal of Shantou University 《汕頭大學學報》2005: 1.