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Guest Speakers Share Insights on Social Innovation & Sustainability at PolyU SPEED’s 15th Anniversary Public Forum
PolyU SPEED舉辦「十五周年公開論壇」 嘉賓講者剖析社創與持續發展的關係


Guest Speakers Share Insights on Social Innovation & Sustainability at
PolyU SPEED’s 15th Anniversary Public Forum

The younger generation should focus not only on their studies, but also on the long-term needs of society. With creative thinking and by learning from the outstanding leaders and professionals of different sectors, the youths can also contribute to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-affiliated School of Professional Education and Executive Development (PolyU SPEED) held its “15th Anniversary Public Forum Series (2): Is Social Innovation the Panacea for Sustainability?” at the Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, PolyU on 20 January 2015. Three guest speakers, Mr Victor Kwong, Chairman of Environmental Working Committee of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, Dr Edmund Lee, Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre, and Mr Francis Ngai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong, were invited to share with the audience their thoughts on sustainability, and the impact of social innovation on the development of different sectors. Dr William Yu, Chief Executive Officer of the co-organiser World Green Organisation, was invited to serve as the moderator of the Forum.

The Forum was kicked off with an opening remark by Dr Jack Lo, Director of PolyU SPEED. “To solve the social problems originated from the Past, we have to use innovative methods in the Present in order to create our common Future,” he said.

Mr Victor Kwong viewed that when implementing corporate sustainability strategies, a firm should strike a balance among environmental conservation, sustainability, work safety and return on investment, instead of focusing only on business growth. He used the unmanned helicopter developed by Towngas for gas riser inspection as an example. The innovative gas riser inspector, replacing the workers who used to climb up the traditional bamboo scaffolding, can reduce the waste of bamboo and more importantly avoid the fatal accidents of working at heights. “Creative mindset that leads to environment protection and corporate competitiveness is very important for a corporation,” said Mr Kwong.

Dr Edmund Lee stressed the importance of being innovative. Citing the examples of Mongkok Post Office and Cornwall Street Park, he pointed out that innovative design should be people-centred and experience-oriented. He urged the audience to acquire knowledge beyond books in the high-tech society, and try to walk further, stand taller and see wider. “I believe that each of us is a designer. Let’s consolidate the resources from ourselves and others to create our future together,” added Dr Lee.

Mr Francis Ngai has been supporting and promoting various social innovation projects such as “Diamond Cab” and “Light Home”, etc. to solve the social problems in Hong Kong. He encouraged the audience to start with a small-scale project. “Proceeding towards your goals step-by-step,” said Mr Ngai. With the belief that sustainability should evolve from an idea, a lifestyle into a cultural change, he suggested the adoption of sustainable practices in our daily lives. “We should prescribe our own panacea for sustainability by making a small change to our habit,” added Mr Ngai.

Since its establishment in 1999, PolyU SPEED has been growing steadily and offering professionally-oriented and multi-disciplinary programmes, covering a broad range of subject areas that meet the changing needs of society. Dr Jack Lo said, “This academic year celebrates our 15th Anniversary. Thanks to the efforts of our staff, all top-up degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED awards have been upgraded to honours degree level with the approval by PolyU Senate. This marks an important milestone for the School.”

As from 2014/15, the BSc (Hons) Scheme in Applied Sciences and BBA (Hons) in Accountancy, which lead to PolyU-SPEED awards, admit their first cohort of students. PolyU SPEED also introduces two PolyU-award programmes in collaboration with PolyU Faculties/ Departments, BA (Hons) in Bilingual Studies and BA (Hons) in English for Business and Professional Communication in this academic year.


PolyU SPEED舉辦「十五周年公開論壇」


香港理工大學專業進修學院(下稱PolyU SPEED)於2015年1月20日在香港理工大學蔣震劇院舉行了「十五周年公開論壇系列(二):社創是持續發展的靈丹妙藥?」,並邀得三位嘉賓講者,包括香港中華煤氣有限公司環保工作委員會主席鄺超靈先生、香港設計中心行政總裁利德裕博士,以及《香港社會創投基金》創辦人及行政總裁魏華星先生,分享他們對社會持續發展的看法,並探討社會創新對各行各業的發展帶來的影響。這次論壇的協辦機構世界綠色組織行政總裁余遠騁博士獲邀擔任主持人。

論壇首先由PolyU SPEED 院長羅文強博士致歡迎辭,他指出:「為了解決源於過去的社會問題,我們現在需要利用創新的方法,創造我們的共同。」




PolyU SPEED自1999年成立以來,一直穩步發展,學院開辦的一系列專業及跨學科課程,涵蓋不同範疇,以回應社會不斷變遷的需求。羅院長表示:「今學年欣逢學院成立十五周年,經過教職員多年來的努力,我們獲理大教務委員會批准,將所有PolyU SPEED學銜的學士學位課程升格至榮譽學位程度,這是學院一個重要的里程碑。」