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Joint Academic Conference 2017 of PolyU SPEED and UNN, the UK: Business Education in the Digital Era: Issues, Trends and Future Directions
PolyU SPEED與英國UNN 聯合學術研討會2017 ── 「數碼時代的商業教育:議題、趨勢及未來路向」



The academic conference, co-organised by School of Professional Education and Executive Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU SPEED) and Newcastle Business School (NBS), Northumbria University (UNN), the UK, was held on PolyU West Kowloon Campus on 20 June 2017.  It was attended by the academic staff of both institutions. The theme of the Conference was “Business Education in the Digital Era: Issues, Trends and Future Directions”, integrated with pertinent teaching and learning issues.

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Academic staff from UNN NBS, PolyU SPEED and PolyU HKCC took a group photo in the 5th Joint Academic Conference.
英國諾桑比亞大學(UNN)轄下紐卡素商學院(NBS)與PolyU SPEED及PolyU HKCC的教學人員,於第五屆聯合學術研討會合照。

Dr Jack Lo, PolyU SPEED Director, presented a souvenir to Prof. Diane Sloan (left), UNN NBS Faculty Director Collaborative Ventures, at the Conference.
PolyU SPEED院長羅文強博士在研討會上頒發紀念品予UNN轄下NBS學院的Faculty Director Collaborative Ventures Prof. Diane Sloan(左)。


PolyU SPEED與英國UNN 聯合學術研討會2017 ──


香港理工大學專業進修學院(PolyU SPEED)與英國諾桑比亞大學(UNN)轄下紐卡素商學院(NBS),於2017年6月20日在理大西九龍校園合辦學術研討會,出席人士包括PolyU SPEED及UNN的教學人員,是次研討會旨在探討「數碼時代的商業教育:議題、趨勢及未來路向」,主題涵蓋相關教學與學習議題。

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