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Research Centre for Advanced Design, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (RCADMM) at PolyU SPEED
PolyU SPEED 先進設計、材料及製造技術研究中心



As one of the most densely-populated international cities in the world, Hong Kong faces numerous challenges related to the operation of its transportation and utility systems every day.  For example: How can Hong Kong best optimise its available energy from different sources? How can the transportation systems of Hong Kong overcome the technical and environmental problems caused by the city’s extremely heavy traffic? Answers to such questions often rely on safe, sustainable and effective engineering design and application of advanced materials.

If Hong Kong wishes to remain competitive in the export-led market, its manufacturing industry must transform quickly to turn its players into high-value-added original brand manufacturers of world-class products. There is a pressing need for multidisciplinary expertise in product design and development that integrates advanced design, materials and manufacturing technologies.

The development of the Research Centre for Advanced Design, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (RCADMM) at the School of Professional Education and Executive Development of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU SPEED) will help bridge the current gaps to answer these pressing needs.

(Left to right) Dr Udaya Kahangamage and Dr Anthony Loh, Members of RCADMM, Dr CW Leung,
Director of RCADMM and Dr Zerance Ng, Member of RCADMM
(左至右) RCADMM成員Udaya Kahangamage博士及陸偉強博士,RCADMM總監梁振華博士及RCADMM成員吳新培博士

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要在出口導向型市場上保持競爭力,香港的製造業必須迅速轉型,讓成員成為高增值的原創品牌製造商,出產世界一流的產品。在產品設計及開發方面,香港急需跨學科的專業知識和人才去糅合先進的設計、材料和製造技術。PolyU SPEED 創立的先進設計、材料及製造技術研究中心(RCADMM)將能提供所欠缺的專長,從而解決上述難題。


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