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idea Generation- idea Execution Forum



The Employability Competency Development Work-Integrated Education Office (ECD-WIE Office) of PolyU SPEED held the “idea Generation-idea Execution Forum” on 27 September 2019 at Hotel ICON, attracting 46 employer representatives from 28 companies and 35 PolyU SPEED students. The forum consisted of three sessions, namely (1) Design Thinking, (2) How Marketing and Product Research & Development Work Together to Create Synergy, and (3) Start-up Sharing.

Established in January 2018, the ECD-WIE Office implements the project “Means to an End: Employability Competency Development in Work-Integrated Education (Project ECD-WIE Office)” funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme under the Education Bureau, with the aim of enhancing PolyU SPEED students’ work experience and employability competencies.

Mr Johnson Lo (left), Chairman of The Chartered Institute of Marketing Hong Kong Chapter, and Dr Anthony Law (right), Adjunct Associate Professor of PolyU, discuss how marketing and product research & development work together to create synergy. 
英國特許市務學會香港分會主席盧翰豪先生(左)及理大客座助理教授Anthony Law博士討論市場營銷與產品研發如何發揮協同效應。


Guests share their views on running start-ups.


The forum attracts 46 employer representatives from 28 companies and 35 PolyU SPEED students.
研討會吸引來自28間企業46名僱主代表及35名PolyU SPEED學生參加。


CPCE’s senior management attends the forum.


idea Generation- idea Execution Forum


香港理工大學專業進修學院(PolyU SPEED)轄下的Employability Competency Development Work-Integrated Education  Office (ECD-WIE Office)於2019年9月27日在唯港薈舉行「idea Generation- idea Execution Forum」,吸引來自28間企業46名僱主代表及35名PolyU SPEED學生參加。研討會分為三個環節:(一)設計思維;(二)市場營銷與產品研發如何發揮協同效應;(三)初創企業分享。

ECD-WIE Office於2018年1月成立,協助推行「以工作和教育相結合的模式來完善學生的就業職能」計劃,該計劃獲教育局質素提升支援計劃資助,旨在加強PolyU SPEED學生的工作經驗及就業職能。