<![CDATA[活齡文憑課程諮詢講座*]]>2018-04-11+0800en-us <![CDATA[Summary of results from Student Barometer Autumn 20172017年學生指標秋季調查結果概覽]]>2018-03-08+0800en-us <![CDATA[[Apply Now!] On-site Admission Day for PolyU-SPEED Award Programmes on 3 March 2018]]>2018-03-03+0800en-us <![CDATA[PolyU SPEED students earned a fruitful experience in one-night cruise study tour 郵輪遊學之夜圓滿結束 PolyU SPEED同學獲益良多]]>2018-02-07+0800en-us <![CDATA[“The 18th Cross-Strait Forum on Continuing Education” Discuss the opportunities, challenges and development trends of continuing education in the era of big data and digital media「第十八屆海峽兩岸繼續教育論壇」探討持續教育在大數據與數字媒體時代下的挑戰、機遇和發展趨勢]]>2018-01-17+0800en-us <![CDATA[CSEAR North-Asia Hong Kong Conference 2017 From Social and Environmental Accounting to Sustainability Accounting and Responsible Investment: Emerging Research Agendas CSEAR 北亞區香港研討會 2017 由社會和環境會計到可持續發展會計及責任投資:當前的研究議程]]>2018-01-16+0800en-us