Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM)

CAM offers you maximum flexibility in learning. It allows you to choose when and what to learn. As you go along, you accumulate credits for PolyU-SPEED Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) academic awards. The credits you earned are valid for life.

You can follow a clear progression path and are totally free to decide how quickly you proceed up the qualification ladder of CAM. You may study when you feel you are ready or your other commitments allow, and leave at any exit points if your circumstances change.

A variety of subjects is available under CAM. Each subject is classified either as a Science or Non-science subject and is given a level code which reflects the standard of intellectual challenge. You can select the subjects and map out your study plan according to your ability, interest and aspiration.

Admission of new students into the Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM) of PolyU SPEED has ceased since academic year 2012/13. However, credit-bearing courses will continue to be offered to serve the needs of the existing students of CAM.





Levels of Subjects Offered under CAM

  Level Code 水平 Explanation 說明    
  0 Sub A-Level standard
  1 A-Level standard
  2 Standard comparable to Year 1 of a 3-year degree programme
大學一年級程度 (三年制學位課程)
  3 Standard comparable to Year 2 of a 3-year degree programme
大學二年級程度 (三年制學位課程)
  4 Standard comparable to the Final Year of a 3-year degree programme
大學三年級程度 (三年制學位課程)
  5 Master’s level
  6 Doctoral level

About CAM Subject Code


For easy identification, each subject under CAM will bear a code that starts with the abbreviation of the department offering the subject. For example:


Accumulating Credits for Awards


When you successfully complete a subject offered under CAM, you will receive a certification which shows the record of your study:

  1. Title of the subject
  2. Level of the subject (from 0 to 6)
  3. Grade achieved
  4. Number of credits earned

When you have accumulated enough number of credits and satisfied the requirements with respect to the level, nature and Grade Point Average, you may apply for a PCE award. Minimum requirements for each PCE award are listed below.


  1. 課程名稱
  2. 課程水平 (0至6)
  3. 成績等級
  4. 所得學分


Minimum Requirements for PolyU SPEED PCE Awards

Awards Minimum Credits Requirements Minimum Level, Credits and Subject Nature Requirements *
Bachelor of Science (BSc) 99 credits 30 credits at Level 4 (18 should be from science subjects)
30 credits at Level 3 (16 should be from science subjects)
30 credits at Level 2 (16 should be from science subjects)
9 credits at any level
Bachelor of Arts (BA) 99 credits 30 credits at Level 4
30 credits at Level 3
30 credits at Level 2
9 credits at any level
Associate of Science (AS) 60 credits 24 credits at Level 3 (16 should be from science subjects)
24 credits at Level 2 (16 should be from science subjects)
12 credits at any level
Associate of Arts (AA) 60 credits 24 credits at Level 3
24 credits at Level 2
12 credits at any level
Professional and Continuing Education Diploma (PCE Dip) 30 credits 21 credits at Level 2
9 credits at any level
Professional and Continuing Education Certificate (PCE Cert) 9 credits 6 credits at Level 2
3 credits at any level

* In addition to the requirements shown in the table, the granting of PCE awards is subject to the following rules:

  1. The same credits may be used for different academic awards provided they are not at the same level.
  2. The Grade Point Average (GPA) of the subjects, which a student uses to claim a PCE award, must be of 2.0 or above.
  3. Where a subject is taken more than one time, only the grade obtained in the final attempt of retaking will be included in the calculation of the GPA. GPA is capped at 4.0.


學術資格 學分總數的最低要求 課程等級、學分及性質的最低要求 *
理學士 99 學分 30個學分為第4水平 (其中18個學分必須為理科課程)
30個學分為第3水平 (其中16個學分必須為理科課程)
30個學分為第2水平 (其中16個學分必須為理科課程)
文學士 99 學分 30個學分為第4水平
理科副學士 60 學分 24個學分為第3水平 (其中16個學分必須為理科課程)
24個學分為第2水平 (其中16個學分必須為理科課程)
文科副學士 60 學分 24個學分為第3水平
專業進修文憑 30 學分 21個學分為第2水平
專業進修證書 9 學分 6個學分為第2水平

* 除上列學術資格的要求外,學員須符合以下原則方可取得有關學術資格:

  1. 同一個學分可用作申請不同等級的學術資格,但不能用作申請相同等級的學術資格。
  2. 學員用以申請學術資格的科目的平均積分點必須達2.0或以上。
  3. 若學員曾修讀某科目超過一次,只有最後一次修讀該科目的成績會被計算入平均積分點。平均積分點以4.0為上限。

Credit Transfer


If you have undertaken previous study at PolyU or other recognised institutions, you may apply for transferring these studies as credits under CAM. Subject to the following regulations, credits approved for transfer may be used for applying Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Awards.

  • Not more than 50% of the required number of credits for a PCE award can be transferred based on previous studies at recognised institutions outside PolyU.
  • For credits attained from previous studies within PolyU, not more than 67% of the required credits for a PCE award can be transferred.
  • In cases where both types of credits mentioned above are transferred, not more than 50% of the required number of credits for a PCE award may be transferred.

Credit transfer may also be granted based on working experience. In general, applicants with six years of relevant working experience may be eligible for up to 9 transferred credits at Level “0” or “1”. Applicants who apply for credit transfer based on working experience may be required to attend an interview. For details, please enquire at PolyU SPEED Offices.

若你曾於理大或其他院校修讀課程,而欲將所取得的學分轉至「學分累積制」,你可申請學分轉移。如申請獲批准,你可將轉移的學分用作申請專業進修學術資格之用。在使用轉移的學分作申請專業進修學術資格時, 須符合下列條件:

  • 專業進修學術資格所需的學分數目中不得有多於百分之五十是由理大以外其他認可院校的學分轉移。
  • 專業進修學術資格所需的學分數目中不得有多於百分之六十七是由理大的學分轉移。
  • 若同時使用上述兩類轉移的學分,則在專業進修學術 資格所需的學分中,不得有多於百分之五十是來自學分轉移。

你亦可以工作經驗申請學分轉移。一般而言,申請人如 擁有六年或以上工作經驗,可獲得最多九個水平“0"或“1"級 的學分。以工作經驗申請學分轉移的申請人可能需要出席 面試。詳情請向學院辦事處查詢。

Your First Step to Lifelong Learning


Embarking on a study for a degree is easy under CAM. Obtain subject information from PolyU SPEED Offices or website and sign up for subjects which suit your needs. You will then become a student under CAM and can start accumulating credits towards a degree.


Credit, Level and Nature


The level, nature and number of credits are indicated for each subject in promotional materials. This information will help you make a decision. As far as study effort is concerned, you are normally expected to spend 40 hours of study (inclusive of lecture hours, private study, etc.) to earn one credit.

The level indicates the intellectual challenge posed to the learners. If you are unsure of your readiness to study a subject at university level, you are advised to start with a relevant subject labelled as Level “0” or “1”.

Subjects labelled as Level “2” are equivalent in standard to those taken by a first year university student. These subjects will help you build up the foundation knowledge required for a higher level of study.

Subjects labelled as Level “3” or above usually require learners to have prior knowledge of the subjects covered or fulfill certain prerequisite requirements such as completing similar subjects at lower levels.

Please refer to the table “Minimum Requirements for PolyU SPEED PCE Awards” above if you decide to work towards any PCE award. It will help you to identify the kind of subjects you need to take as you progress.






Entry Requirements


If you wish to enroll in subjects which require specific entry requirements, you must submit your application together with the relevant supporting documents for verification. For subjects without entry requirement, applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Prior Knowledge


Students are responsible for ensuring they have the required and prior knowledge to study the subject before enrolling in the subject.


Attendance Requirement


Participation in classes is an essential part of the learning process. You are required to attend at least 70% of class meetings in a subject. Students who cannot fulfill the minimum attendance requirement will fail the subject. Individual subjects may have different attendance requirement. Please pay attention to the subject information provided.


Progression and Awards


As you progress, the credits you earned will be added to your record of study under CAM. You may use these credits at any time to claim a Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) award. The credits you earned can be used for claiming different academic awards provided they are not at the same level.

To claim any PCE awards, you will need to submit an application to the PolyU SPEED Offices. In your application, you have to specify which credits in your record of study you will use for claiming the award. Application forms for claiming PCE awards are obtainable from the PolyU SPEED Offices or website. A non-refundable graduation fee is required for claiming PCE awards.



Pay as You Go


As enrolment is on a subject basis, you pay only when you enroll in a subject under CAM.