Information for Students

Class Schedule

  1. Classes will normally be held during the period as specified in the course information. Unless otherwise specified, "no. of sessions" of a course includes lectures, tutorial and examination sessions (if any).
  2. A class schedule, including venue for classes, will be attached to your admission letter. If you do not receive any notification from the School one week before the course commencement date, please contact the SPEED Office at 3400 2828.
  3. Every effort will be made to ensure that classes are held at the venue and time listed in the class schedule. However, the School reserves the right to make changes as reasonably considered to be necessary. Students will be informed accordingly.

CAM Student Identity Card

  1. Those who have enrolled in credit-bearing courses offered under CAM will be issued a CAM student identity card. The card is for identification only, and may be used to access learning and teaching facilities provided that the course you enrol in entitles you to have such rights. Please refer to the course information or your admission letter for the specific facilities you can use.
  2. Use of the CAM student identity card is governed by the regulations stated in the CAM Student Handbook, a copy of which will be given to students together with the CAM student identity card.
  3. The SPEED Office will inform the student regarding the arrangement of collecting the student identity card after admission.


Credit-bearing Courses offered under Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM)

  1. A certification will be issued to students who have satisfied all the prescribed requirements for completion. The certification will specify the title and level of the course, the number of credits earned and the grade achieved. 
  2. No certification will be re-issued.  Students who need additional certification on course duration, contact hours or attendance rate, etc. may apply in writing.  Fee for issuing each certificate is $100*.
  3. Students who wish to claim Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) awards have to submit an application to the School in which they have to specify the credits to be used to claim the award. A non-refundable graduation fee is payable by those who claim for an award. Application forms for claiming PCE awards are obtainable at the SPEED Office or this website.

Non Credit-bearing Courses

  1. Unless otherwise specified, Certificates of Attendance will be issued to those students who have attended 70% or more of the classes.
  2. Certain courses have an optional final assessment. If you have achieved satisfactory attendance and successfully passed the assessment, you will be eligible for a Certificate of Attainment issued by SPEED. Please refer to individual course information for details.
  3. No re-examination will be arranged if you are absent from or fail the assessment, except for certain courses where examination policies have been specified in the course leaflets.
  4. Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Attainment will be sent to eligible students by ordinary mail upon completion of the course.
  5. Certificates will not be re-issued. If you need additional certification that you have completed a certain course, you may apply in writing. Fee for issuing each certificate is HK$100*.

* Subject to change without further notice.

Student Feedback Questionnaire

  1. A Student Feedback Questionnaire will be distributed to you towards the end of the course to seek your feedback about the way in which the course has been delivered. Your valuable opinion will help us further improve our courses.
  2. You are also welcome to send comments about our services in general to the School through various communication channels as listed in this website.

Non-means Tested Loan Scheme

The Non-means Tested Loan Scheme, funded by the HKSAR Government, has been extended to provide financial assistance to students of the programmes/courses offered by the School. For details about eligibility and the list of programmes/courses covered by the Scheme, please contact the Student Financial Assistance Agency (Tel: 2150 6223; 24-hour Enquiry Hotline: 2802 2345; Website:




  1. 上課的日期已刊載於個別課程的資料內。除特別註明外,上課節數包括講課、導修課及考試(如有)。
  2. 上課的時間表和地點會隨取錄通知書一併寄往你的通訊地址。如你在開課前一星期尚未收到任何通知,請盡快聯絡本學院辦事處(電話:3400 2828)。
  3. 學院會盡量確保課程依照所列之時間和地點舉行。惟學院保留更改上課安排的權利。學院將通知學員有關安排。


  1. 學分累積制的學員將獲發學生證作辨別身份之用。如所報讀的課程包括享用教學設施,學員可利用學生證進入及使用該設施。詳情請參閱所報讀的課程資料或取錄通知書。
  2. 學生證的使用守則刊載於學分累積制學生手冊內。學生手冊會在學員領取學生證時派發。
  3. 在取錄學員後,學院會個別通知學員有關領取學生證的安排。



  1. 學員在完成課程及經評審後,成績達到學院的要求,將獲發證明書乙張。該證明書會註明完成的課程名稱、水平、所取得的學分及其等級。
  2. 所有證書將不予補發。若學員需要本學院另行證明課程日期、時數、出席率等,可以書面提出申請。 每張證明收費為港幣一百元正*。
  3. 學員須向學院申請有關的專業進修學術資格。申請專業進修學術資格的表格可在學院辦事處或在學院網頁上索取。學員在提出申請時必須選取其進修紀錄中的學分,作申請專業進修學術資格之用,並須要繳付有關的畢業費用。已繳付的畢業費用恕不退還。


  1. 除特別註明外,學員出席率達百分之七十,可獲聽講證書。
  2. 部份課程設有結業評核。若學員上課達出席率要求,並考獲及格成績,可獲理大專業進修學院頒發修業證書。詳細資料請參閱個別課程資料。
  3. 除非課程訂明特別評核規則(詳列於課程單張),學員缺席結業評核或成績未符及格要求者,將不獲安排重考。
  4. 課程結束後,符合資格的學員將收到學院以平郵寄出的聽講/修業證書。
  5. 所有證書將不予補發。若學員需要本學院另行證明其完成某課程,可以書面提出申請。每張證明收費為港幣一百元正*。



  1. 為收集學員對課程的意見,學院會在課程完結時派發問卷供學員填寫。你的寶貴意見將有助本院日後提高課程的質素。
  2. 我們亦歡迎你隨時透過各種聯絡方法向學院發表你對本學院服務的意見。有關聯絡方法請參閱本網頁。


本學院課程獲納入香港特區政府免入息審查貸款計劃的受資助範圍。有關申請資格的詳情,以及受資助課程的名單,請向學生資助辦事處查詢(電話:2150 6223;24小時查詢熱線:2802 2345;網址。