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Professionals Share Advice on Financial Planning at TV Premiere cum Sharing Session Co-organised by PolyU SPEED and IEC
PolyU SPEED 與投資者教育中心合辦 電視首播活動暨分享會


Professionals Share Advice on Financial Planning at
TV Premiere cum Sharing Session
Co-organised by PolyU SPEED and IEC

[Image] Investor Education Centre (IEC) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) co-produced a TV drama series called “Once Upon a Dime”. Based on real-life cases, the characters are awakened to their financial predicaments, and are given a second chance to make wiser financial choices.  As the theme of the drama matches the content of the subject “Personal Financial Planning” offered by PolyU SPEED, IEC and PolyU SPEED co-organised the “Once Upon a Dime” Youth Financial Management Sharing Session on the PolyU West Kowloon Campus on 9 February.  Representatives of PolyU SPEED, IEC, RTHK, and two of the dramas’ artists were invited to watch the clips of the drama together with over 200 students at the event.  The representatives from PolyU SPEED and IEC also shared some tips for managing personal finances and the correct concept of financial planning.

[Image] Mr David Kneebone, General Manager of IEC, gave a speech to kick off the event. He encouraged the students to review their approach to managing money. He also urged them to distinguish “needs” from “wants” before shopping in order to avoid impulse purchases.  “Start financial planning as early as possible, get into the habit of saving and set your saving goals for the future,” Mr Kneebone said.

In his welcome remarks, Dr Jack Lo, Director of PolyU SPEED, said, “I think education is an investment with the best returns because it equips one with the knowledge and skills that are needed for future career development”.

During the sharing session, Dr Artie Ng, Deputy Director of PolyU SPEED, also shared his advice on financial management.  He encouraged them to set both short-term and long-term budgets in order to get an accurate picture of their financial inflows and outflows.  “Most employees earn a fixed salary, but their expenses fluctuate.  It is of utmost importance to make both ends meet,” said Dr Ng.  He also reminded students to always settle the balance of their credit cards on time. Late payments indicated in cardholders’ credit records will affect their ability to secure a bank loan and mortgage in the future.

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PolyU SPEED 與投資者教育中心合辦

[Image] 投資者教育中心(下稱IEC)與香港電台(下稱RTHK)聯合製作劇集《回到未來錢》,劇集取材自真實個案,描述故事主人翁如何從財困中醒覺,重新選擇合適的理財方案。該劇集主題與PolyU SPEED「個人財務策劃 」(Personal Financial Planning)學科的內容不謀而合,IEC 與PolyU SPEED 於二月九日在理大西九龍校園合辦《回到未來錢》首播活動暨《愛財要理財》分享會,邀請了PolyU SPEED、IEC與RTHK 的代表和兩位劇中演員出席,與在場逾二百名學生一起觀看《回到未來錢》的精華片段;而PolyU SPEED與IEC的代表亦與學生分享理財技巧和正確的投資理財觀念。

[Image] IEC總經理李博衛先生(David Kneebone)於活動開始時致辭,他鼓勵同學審視自己的理財方式,又提醒他們於購物前應認清「需要」和「想要」的分別,切勿因一時衝動而購物。李先生說:「儘早展開財務策劃,培養儲蓄習慣,從而訂立長期儲蓄目標,未雨綢繆。」

PolyU SPEED院長羅文強博士致歡迎辭時表示:「我認為教育就是回報最好的投資。學習適當的知識和技能,可為未來的事業發展鋪路。」

於分享環節中,PolyU SPEED副院長吳偉昌博士亦分享了理財心得,他建議同學可先制定短期和長期預算,以掌握收支情況,「大部分在職人士都是賺取固定薪金,但他們的支出卻是浮動的,因此最重要是能夠達到收支平衡。」他又提醒擁有信用卡的同學切記要按時還款,因拖欠還款會影響他們於銀行的良好信貸記錄,減低將來申請銀行貸款,甚至物業按揭的成功機會。


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