Gender Representation Reflected in an EFL Textbooks

Cathy Hoi To LAU and Nancy Songdan GUO

2018, Issue 6, Working Paper Series No. 10

Abstract: Given the significance of textbooks and gender equality, this study explicates the gender representation of Primary Longman Express 6A (Second Edition) so as to investigate whether gender roles are represented equally within the context of Hong Kong. This study employs both quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyse the visibility, firstness, masculine generic constructions and occupational roles in both texts and illustrations included in the textbook by applying Holmes’s (2013) and Porreca’s (1984) framework. The results revealed that the visual visibility of males and females is equal, yet the textual visibility is slightly imbalance. Regarding to the masculine generic construction, the practice becomes more female-inclusive. Besides, the textual and visual depictions of both genders in occupational roles become more gender-neutral. However, females were underrepresented in the use of firstness. All in all, the gender representations in texts and illustrations are presented in a more balance way in the analysed textbook.

Keywords: Gender representation, EFL textbooks, Multimodal discourse analysis, Texts and illustrations

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