How to Reduce the Waiting Time of Total Joint Replacement in Hong Kong?

Ben Y. F. FONG and Yee Man TSUI

2018, Issue 6, Working Paper Series No. 6

Abstract: The waiting time of total joint replacement (TJR) is very long in the public hospitals of the Hospital Authority (HA). It may lead to negative impacts on the outcomes of TJR. While HA continuously develops joint replacement centres, it still cannot reduce the waiting time of TJR significantly. The quality of healthcare services in both the public and private sectors is comparable but there are very large differences in the charges. Hence, patients are willing to wait on the list. To reduce the waiting time of TJR, two approaches are recommended. There can be a Government subsidisation programme of TJR to shift patient to private hospitals. Adequate manpower, particularly in physiotherapists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, clinical psychologists and nurses, should be a top priority to reduce the length of stay in the hospitals, releasing more beds for patients in the queue.

Keywords: Waiting time, Total joint replacement, Public-private partnership, Postoperative treatment

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