“Picky Eating” among Hong Kong Children

Ben Y. F. FONG and Jessy Wing Yee NG

2018, Issue 6, Working Paper Series No. 7

Abstract:  “Picky eating” is a common behaviour among Hong Kong children. It may be caused by the unhealthy eating habits developed during childhood, the children’s impressions on food and bad parental education. Children who are “picky eaters” may have different kinds of health problems such as obesity, malnutrition and poor immunity. It may also result in poor growth development among these children. Therefore, the behaviour of “picky eating” should be avoided and the children can then improve the behaviour of “picky eating” step by step. In Japan, the government has implemented the School Lunch Programme, which aims at promoting food and nutrition education among students. Europe has a Food and Nutrition Policy for Schools. The policy aims at changing the eating environment of the children in order to promote healthy eating. The Hong Kong Government can consider and adopt the practices in Japan and Europe. Besides, schools, parents and media should be responsible for promoting healthy eating among children. Education, healthy public policy, changes to the lunchboxes and promotion of healthy eating are useful in stopping the behaviour of “picky eating” among children.

Keywords: Picky eating, Healthy eating, Hong Kong children, Balanced diet

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