A Synthesis of Studies on Learning How to Mean in Adolescent L2 Writing

Winfred Wenhui XUAN

2018, Issue 6, Working Paper Series No. 8

Abstract: In this paper, I focus on surveying the literature on adolescent L2 writing from the perspective of learning how to mean. I retrieved most of the published studies on adolescent L2 writing from 1990 to 2015. I summarized different themes from these studies, such as, factors that influence adolescent L2 writing, adolescent L2 writing teaching and assessing. I concentrated on exploring the findings from different themes, like, (1) Adolescent identity; (2) Home and community influence; (3) Internet and new technology; (4) L1 influence; (5) Classroom instruction; (6) Feedback and error correction; and (7) Assessment. I delineated the overall picture in the field and finding out possible research avenues for future researchers in this field. For example, longitudinal, developmental, L2 writing curriculum research perspectives are proposed for future researchers in the field. The synthesis found that adolescent L2 writing is an emerging field and more research attention is deserved.

Keywords: Hong Adolescent L2 Writing; L2 Writing; Research Synthesis

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