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BA in Marketing and Public Relations

After graduation, I discovered that working life was much busier and harder than school life. Yet, I am grateful to my employer who gave me so many learning opportunities. Recently, I have taken up an important post responsible for customer relationship management. It is a real challenge for me because I need to utilize the knowledge and skills I learned in school in dealing with customers. Fellow students and graduates, good luck to you all, let's all work hard for a better future!


BA in Applied and Media Arts 應用及媒體藝術文學士

I have learned a lot about creative art, business management and marketing through my studies. I have always dreamed of setting up my own design consultancy firm and create my own brand long before I graduated from SPEED. My dream finally came true in May when I founded Lucosa Company and established Folk Frame!

在應用及媒體藝術課程內,我學到藝術創作、商管和市場學等知識。其實早在畢業前,我已躊躇滿志,希望成立一家設計顧問公司,並開發自己的品牌。今年5月中,我終於完成夢想,成立了Lucosa Company,更創出Folk Frame這品牌。

BA in Travel and Industry Management 旅遊服務業管理學文學士

After graduating from SPEED, I realized how fortunate I am to have been able to enjoy top teaching quality and facilities. The training I received has prepared me well for handling big projects at work. If you want a more fruitful life, enroll in the programme and take your studies seriously! Don't put your lamp in a basket, use it to light up the world!



Despite his tight schedule, Dr. Huang Yuanzhang still found time to give two lectures on "Chinese Calligraphy Appreciation and Studies" to PolyU's SPEED Alumni Association in May. He shared with the alumni the basics of Chinese literature and calligraphy.

During the lectures, Dr. Huang pointed out how the alumni could improve their calligraphy as they tried their hands at the traditional Chinese art. The alumni were engrossed by his lively lectures.

The Alumni Association was invited by the Survey and Mapping Office of Lands Department for a visit in early June. Twenty of us joined this activity and had a sneak preview of the production of the new version of "Hong Kong Guide 2006".


The 3D topography display piqued the curiosity of many visitors, who jostled to try on the 3D glasses for a view of Hong Kong's mountainous terrain. All were truly amazed by what they saw.

SPEED collegues and alumni smiled contentedly as they took pictures during the annual dinner.

This year, the Alumni Association held an annual dinner, which drew enthusiastic response from the alumni.