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隨著全球經濟邁向一體化,市場對珠寶產品的質素要求愈來愈高,使香港珠寶業對人才需求若渴。因此,香港珠寶製造業廠商會對PolyU SPEED的企業主管管理文憑(珠寶業)課程高度重視及支持,經常邀請業內重量級領袖及管理人員在課程的不同環節擔任嘉賓講者,與學員分享活生生的實戰經驗,推動珠寶業的人才培訓。

Professional Training is in high importance to Hong Kong jewelry industry - With the rise of globalisation, most Hong Kong jewelry corporations are undergoing industries upgrading. There is an increasing demand for talented and competent practitioners. Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association, a content provider to PolyU SPEED Executive Diploma in Management (Jewelry), always provides great support by inviting guest lecturers to share their experiences with students.

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association participated the 10th Annual G.L.D.A. Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Trade Show this year which is a great opportunity for their members to widen their exposure globally.
香港珠寶業一直重視培訓專業人才。由PolyU SPEED開辦的企業主管管理文憑(珠寶業)課程,深受業界的肯定。課程內容設計得到香港珠寶製造業廠商會協助,使學生既能掌握學術知識及更了解國際珠寶市場的發展。課程將於8月15日截止報名。
The programme aims at upgrading the management knowledge of the students so as to prepare them for a better career progression. The programme has been designed to suit the needs of executives, managers, and entrepreneurs seeking an exposure to specific jewelry industry management concept.
Application Deadline : 15 August 2008
  PolyU SPEED與PolyU的「工業及系統工程學系」和「紡織及製衣學系」合作,為利豐集團舉辦為期20個月的專業培訓課程。利豐集團於7月4日為首批成功修畢課程的25位學員舉辦慶祝會。出席的嘉賓包括:利豐集團執行董事馮國綸博士、香港理工大學校長潘宗光教授、專業及持續教育學院院長阮博文教授、PolyU SPEED署理院長羅文強博士和PolyU的區健勳博士、杜堅民博士、文效忠教授、崔智邦博士及劉錦興博士。利豐集團希望透過PolyU SPEED提供的專業培訓,提升僱員的專業知識水平及競爭力、增加靈活性;令公司運作更增效能,集團及僱員因此獲得雙贏局面。

Value-added and professional in-house training programme - On 4 July, a celebration of the Merchandising Programme offered by PolyU SPEED for Li & Fung (Trading) Limited was held. Heartiest congratulations are delivered by honourable guests including Group Managing Director of Li & Fung Group Dr William Fung, President of PolyU Professor Poon Chung-kwong, Dean of CPCE Professor Peter Yuen, PolyU SPEED Acting Director Dr Jack Lo and Dr Au Kin-fan, Dr Chester To, Professor H.C. Man, Dr Gary Tsui and Dr K.H. Lau from PolyU.
左起 : 專業及持續教育學院院長阮博文教授、利豐集團執行董事馮國綸博士及香港理工大學校長潘宗光教授