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Learning, Teaching, Assessment (LTA) and Related Arrangements for Semester One 2021/22

PolyU-SPEED Award Programmes

PolyU SPEED aims to resume normal face-to-face teaching as much as possible in the new 2021/22 academic year after 1.5 years of online teaching and disruption of normal operations. We need to provide a safe campus environment to carry out the face-to-face learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) activities, and at the same time, ensure that the needs of students under different circumstances are not overlooked. Details are set out below:


Lectures, tutorials, and practicum sessions

Students in Hong Kong

All lectures, seminars and tutorials, irrespective of class size, will be delivered in a face-to-face (f2f) mode. For students who cannot attend in person for different reasons, these sessions will also be made available online. As for the essential learning and teaching activities, only f2f mode will be provided. These activities include practicums, placements, field studies, clinical skills training, laboratory sessions.


Non-local students currently outside Hong Kong

If you are currently residing outside Hong Kong, you are advised to arrive in Hong Kong before the start of the 2021/22 academic year.  Make advance arrangements to meet the HKSAR government’s quarantine requirements (e.g. travel and accommodation arrangements).


If for some reasons you cannot arrive in Hong Kong or campus in time, you can attend classes online.  However, you may not be able to register for subjects with f2f mode only (e.g., practicums). Consult your Programme Leader beforehand. 


Assessment format
In principle, for students in Hong Kong, continuous assessments and final examinations will take place on campus in Semester One 2021/22. Students outside Hong Kong will be informed of the forms of assessment separately.


Vaccination and testing requirements

Students attending face-to-face classes will need to be vaccinated or tested negatively. Students who do not take vaccination or undergo weekly testing are required to attend classes online. Arrangements for vaccination and testing are described below.



We strongly encourage students who come to campus for normal face-to-face classroom activities in the new academic year, to be vaccinated and complete the second jab before 22 August 2021.


If you have concerns about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, you are encouraged to seek medical advice from your own medical doctor before vaccination.


COVID-19 testing

Students who choose not to get vaccinated will be required to undergo a weekly COVID-19 screening test if they wish to attend f2f classes. The first test should be done by 1 September 2021.


Free testing at PolyU’s University Health Service (UHS) will be made available to those who have certification issued by a registered medical practitioner of being not suitable for vaccination. Online appointment for testing will be open in early August 2021.


For those who choose not to be vaccinated and do not have proper medical certification and wish to attend f2f classes, they will have to undergo weekly testing at community testing centres or clinics at their own expense and submit their test results to SPEED. They will need to do a screen capture of their phone’s SMS message containing the test result from a testing centre or take a photo of the test result document issued by a clinic, and upload it to the reporting system via eForm. If the test result is positive, they should notify SPEED immediately.
When more students and staff have been vaccinated and the herd immunity starts to take effect, the weekly testing requirement will be reviewed and possibly relaxed.


Campus access and on-line access to lectures

Students who do not take vaccination or undergo weekly testing are required to attend classes online. They may access the campus for the library and other facilities or attend essential face-to-face learning and teaching activities (e.g. practicums and clinical skills training) by observing the CPCE’s health and safety measures for COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Government’s related regulations.



Students and staff are required to self-report their COVID-19 vaccination and test result status from mid-August 2021, using an online reporting system. Please refer to the flow chart below. 


The data and records of students and staff via the reporting system will be encrypted.  All medical certification letters, vaccination status and records, and the test results submitted to CPCE/SPEED will be accessed by authorised staff only on a need-to-know basis, in accordance with the data privacy requirements. The collected data will be retained for no more than a month. 



The School will review the implementation of the vaccination/testing requirements in due time, taking into account the evolving pandemic situation, the herd immunity level of the whole CPCE population, and the Government’s relevant measures.
The COVID-19 pandemic has sustained for more than 1.5 years and has adversely affected our normal lives and campus activities. We sincerely hope that all our students and staff will support the above arrangements so that we can resume normal campus activities starting from the new academic year and work together to address the public health challenges as responsible citizens.


Self-reporting Flow Chart

Self-reporting Flow Chart


School of Professional Education and Executive Development
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

16 June 2021