Dr KO, Hin-cheung Annie
KO, Hin-cheung Annie<br>高衍璋

Associate Division Head 學部副主任

BA [York (Can.)]; PgCertEd (H.K.); PgD, MSc, PhD (H.K. Baptist U.)

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive Compensation
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Taxation
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Financial Regulations and Compliances
  • Ethics & CSR
  • Insurance


Research-Scholarly Outputs


Professional Activities/ Achievements


Dr. Annie Ko is a Senior Lecturer in accounting and finance at PolyU SPEED. She serves as the Chairperson of the Learning & Teaching Committee and Scholarship Coordinator. She was the recipient of 2013-14 CPCE Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance. And she was elected as Fellow of The World Business Institute of Australia since 2014.

Dr. Ko received her Doctor of Philosophy in Accountancy and Law from Hong Kong Baptist University. She taught courses on finance, economics, accounting, and corporate governance related subjects.

Before joining PolyU SPEED, she worked for various newspapers and magazines as financial news reporter. Also, she served as marketing manager for a technology company, and her clients include various Fortune 500 companies.

Her research interests include corporate governance, executive compensation, personal financial planning, taxation, learning and teaching, financial regulations and compliances, ethics, corporate social responsibility and insurance. She serves as a reviewer for various journals, including Corporate Governance: An International Review, The International Journal of Trade, Economics, and Finance, and The Journal of Family Business Management. In 2008, Dr. Ko co-authored a master level textbook, “Corporate Governance: Analysis of Listed Company Problems.“