Dr LAU Chi-hong Milton

Lecturer 講師

PhD (S.Aust.); MSocSc (City H.K.); MBuddhStud (H.K.); MA (Lingnan U.); MA, MAcc (C.U.H.K.); LLM (Renmin); LLM(CCL) (City H.K.); MBA (Deakin); MSc (H.K.U.S.T.); BBus(Monash); BSc (H.K.Poly.); BSc (Lond.); PgCert(City Poly H.K.); GDip (NE); Occupational Skill Assessor (P.R.C.); Registered Real Estate Appraiser (P.R.C.); RPS (GP); CPA (Aust.); CPP; CPA; MHKIS; MPIA; MRICS
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Teaching and Scholarly Interests
  • Property valuation and investment
  • Hong Kong and PRC laws
  • Property and facility management
  • Town Planning and social justice
  • Corporate governances and management accounting 
  • Buddhist Counselling

Research-Scholarly Outputs

Professional Activities/ Achievements



Dr. Milton C.H. Lau is a general practice surveyor with over 20 years of property experience in Hong Kong. He became a full time academic at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since August 2000. His research interests are in the areas of property valuation and investment; property and facilities management; property laws in Hong Kong and PRC; town planning and social justice and Buddhist Counselling. Prior to Dr. Lau’s current engagement in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he was an estate surveyor in the Lands Department and worked as senior professional in property consultant companies.

Selected Relevant Publications

1. LAU, M.C.H. Owner's participation in urban renewal scheme: an application of mass valuation in Hong Kong, International Conference on Construction & Real Estate Management, Harbin, PRC, published (11/2003)

2. LAU, M.C.H. Property values and quality of property management in Hong Kong, International Symposium on Advanced of Construction Management and Real Estate, published (11/2005)

3. WONG, S.W.,LAU, M.C.H. and TANG, B.S. Strategic urban management and collaborative planning: application in China, 5th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, Honolulu, USA, published (05/2006)

4. LAU, M.C.H. The conceptual framework of applying mass valuation in Hong Kong urban renewal compensation scheme, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, published (11/2004)

5. TANG, B.S.,WONG, S.W., LAU M.C.H. Social impact assessment and public participation in China: A case study of land requisition in Guangzhou, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, published (05/2007)

6. TANG, B.S., WONG, S.W., van HOREN, B., FENG, C.C. and LAU, M. C.H. Study on urban development and strategic management of Guangzhou Development District, Guangzhou Development District Policy Research, published (10/2006)

7. LAU, M. C. H. Compulsory acquisition compensation laws in urban cities: A comparison of PRC and Hong Kong. LLM Dissertation, Renmin University of China, published (05/2006)

8. Lau, M.C.H., Yeung, S. C.W. The Development Control in PRC: The Signaling Effect of the Land Reserve System in property Prices. Asian Real Estate Society 2013 Kyoto Conference, published (05/2013)

9. Lau, M.C.H., Yeung, S. C.W., How, H. H.H. The Impact of US’s Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy to the Indirect Property Market in Hong Kong: A Case Study on the Price Volatility of a leading REITs in Hong Kong. 2015 Land and Real Estate Summit Forum at Renmin University of China organized by the Department of Land and Real Estate Management, Renmin University of China, published (05/2015)