Dr LEUNG, Man-tat Terence

Lecturer 講師

BSocSc (H.K. Baptist U.); MA (C.U.H.K.); PhD (H.K. Baptist U.)
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Teaching and Scholarly Interests
  • Film, Media and Visual Studies
  • Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Modern Intellectual History
  • Gender and Sexualities
  • Critical Theory and Contemporary Marxist Thought
  • The Long 1960s and its Global Legacies
  • Chinese Cultural Soft Power in the 21st Century


Dr Man-tat Terence Leung joined PolyU SPEED in August 2014. He has previously worked as a visiting lecturer and tutor in both The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) for a number of undergraduate-level courses, such as “Outline of Cultural Theories,” “The Critical and Creative Spirit: The Case of Historical Fiction,” “Chinese and Western Modes of Thought,” and “Gender Studies.”

In PolyU SPEED, Dr Terence Leung mainly teaches GUR humanities subjects (e.g. “Culture and Ways of Life”; “Films and Storytelling”), China studies courses (e.g. “Contemporary China”; “China and the World”; “Chinese Civilization and Modern Consciousness from the West”), as well as other gender-related subjects (e.g. “Gender, Sexualities and Human Societies”).

Dr Leung received his Ph. D. degree in Humanities and Creative Writing from Hong Kong Baptist University. His doctoral dissertation is titled “French May ’68, ‘China,’ and the Dialectics of Refusals in Film and Intellectual Cultures since the 1960s” under the supervision of Prof. Lo Kwai-cheung (External Examiners: Prof. Rey Chow and Prof. Christopher Connery). He also received a M.A. degree in Intercultural Studies from CUHK, and a BSocSc. degree (Hons.) with Scholastic Award in Communications (Cinema and Television major) from HKBU.

Several of his manuscripts on various subjects, including Kundera’s historical novel, Kieślowski’s cinema, and Godard-Gorin’s militant films of the 1960s, have been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals (Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas [The John Hopkins University Press]) and internationally refereed edited volumes (Intimate Relationships in Cinema, Literature and Visual Culture [Palgrave Macmillan] and 1968 and Global Cinema [Wayne State University Press]). He is now preparing his first monograph tentatively titled, “The Dialectics of Two Refusals: French May ’68 and Its Chinese Nexus in Western Cinematic Imaginaries since the 1960s” (currently under review by a renowned academic publisher [Rowman & Littlefield]).

Academic research areas of Dr Leung include, Film and Cultural Studies, Modern Intellectual History, Comparative Literature, World Revolutions of the 1960s, Contemporary Chinese Soft Power, as well as Gender and Critical Theories. He has also presented in a number of international academic conferences held in Harvard University, The University of Hong Kong, and The University of Winchester, to name a few.