Dr WONG Kar-wai, Kelwin

Lecturer 講師

BEng (McM.); MSc [PolyU(H.K.)]; PhD (H.K.)
Email :

Teaching and Scholarly Interests

  • Key performance indicators in construction
  • Sustainability in the built environment (design and maintenance)
  • Construction technology
  • Analysis of structures and building materials
  • Stakeholder engagement and knowledge management in infrastructure development
  • Construction project management
  • Public-private partnerships


Dr. Kelwin Wong obtained his BEng from McMaster University in Canada in Materials Science and Engineering, his MSc from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Operations Management and his PhD from The University of Hong Kong, Department of Civil Engineering in the area of stakeholder and knowledge management in infrastructure projects. 

Prior to joining PolyU SPEED, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Hong Kong and served as the Research Manager on a number of consultancy projects and research studies for the construction industry and the government.  In addition to his research and consultancy work, Dr. Wong was previously a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Building and Real Estate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

Dr. Wong is also an active academic, having authored / co-authored over 15 publications (journal papers, conference papers and book chapter).  He was an invited reviewer for a number of journals including Built Environment Project and Asset Management, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Civil Engineering, and Sustainable Development.

Selected Publications

Journal Papers

Mohan Kumaraswamy, Kelwin K. W. Wong, Junqi Zhang (2018) Boosting disaster resilience through advance public–private–people partnerships, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Forensic Engineering, Vol. 171 Issue 1, February 2018, pp. 12-26.

Mohan Kumaraswamy, Kelwin Kar Wai Wong, Jacky Chung, (2017) Focusing megaproject strategies on sustainable best value of stakeholders, Built Environment Project and Asset Management, Vol. 7 Issue: 4, pp.441-455.

Ng, S. Thomas, Wong, Kelwin K.W., Wong, James M.W. (2016) Enhancing public engagement in a fast-paced project environment, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Civil Engineering, Vol. 169 Issue 6, November 2016, pp. 41-48.

Huiying Hou, Daniel Ho, Jacky K.H. Chung, Kelwin K.W. Wong, (2016) "Tight budget constraints and the absence of strategic planning - an exploratory analysis of FM service outsourcing", Facilities, Vol. 34 Iss: 7/8.

Wong K.K.W., Kumaraswamy M.M., Mahesh, G., Ling F.Y.Y., (2014) Building integrated project and asset management teams for sustainable built infrastructure development, Journal of Facilities Management, Vol. 12, 3, pp.187 – 210.

Ling, Florence Y.Y., Toh, Benjamin G.Y., Kumaraswamy, M.M., Wong, Kelwin K.W. (2014) Strategies for integrating design and construction and operations and maintenance supply chains in Singapore, Structural Survey, Vol. 32 No. 2, 2014 pp. 158-182.

Ng, S. Thomas, Wong, James M.W., Wong, Kelwin K.W. (2013) A public private people partnerships (P4) process framework for infrastructure development in Hong Kong, Cities, Volume 31, April 2013, Pages 370–381.

Wong, Kelwin K.W., Kumaraswamy, Mohan, Gangadhar Mahesh, S. Thomas Ng. (2012) Utilizing Societal Engagement as a Vehicle for Enhancing the Image and Sustainability of the Construction Industry, Sustainable Development.  Volume 20, Issue 3, pages 222–229, May/June 2012.

Book Chapter

Kumaraswamy, M., Chung. J., Zou, W., and Wong. K. (2016) Relationally Integrated Value Networks (RIVANS) for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). In (Eds) Jefferies, M. and Rowlinson, S. New Forms of Procurement: PPP and Relational Contracting for the 21st Century, Routledge (Taylor and Francis), London and New York: 271-296.

Conference Papers

Ng, S.T., Kumaraswamy, M.M., Wong, K.K.W. (2014) 'Recognizing Stakeholders in Construction Projects as Co-Creators of Value in Sustainable Urban Development: A Hong Kong Perspective', The Sustainable City IX - Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (Vol.1), Pp. 165-176. Edited by N. Marchettini, C.A. Brebbia, R. Pulselli and S. Bastianoni. WIT Press 2014. Sustainable City 2014 conference, Siena, Italy, 23-25 September 2014.

Kumaraswamy, M.M., Wong, K., Mahesh, G. (2012) Integrating Teams for Built Asset Development and Management: A Hong Kong Perspective. The First Australasia and South-East Asia Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, Perth, Australia, Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2012

Wong, K.K.W., Kumaraswamy, M., Ng, T. and Lee, C. (2011) Promoting Greater Public Participation in Decision Making for Infrastructure Development Projects: Building Social Capital Through Youth Engagement, 6th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation, ‘Shaping the Construction/Society Nexus’, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 13-15, 2011.  Vol. 1: Clients and Users, pp. 141-152.

Wong Kelwin K.W., Mohan Kumaraswamy, Gangadhar Mahesh, S. Thomas Ng (2010) Improving the Image and Sustainability of the Hong Kong Construction Industry through Societal Engagement for Balanced Infrastructure Development, 16th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference (Hong Kong, China), May 30 – June 1, 2010

Wong, Kelwin K.W., Ng, S. Thomas, Li, Terry H. (2009). “Improving Public Engagement of PPP Projects in Developing Economies – Lessons Learnt from North America”. CIBW 107 International Symposium on Construction in Developing Economies: Commonalities Among Diversities (Penang, Malaysia), October 2009

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