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PolyU SPEED Students’ Association

The PolyU SPEED Students’ Association (SPSA) was established in 2014/15. All registered full-time students of PolyU-SPEED award programmes are by definition members of the SPSA subject to settlement of the annual membership fee of HK$150*. SPSA members are entitled to exercise their rights and enjoy the activities organised by the SPSA.


Objectives of SPSA

  • To represent the students of the School in a spirit of unity and to build up students’ sense of belonging;
  • To actively communicate with the School and external parties;
  • To widen the cultural, intellectual and ethical interest of its members;
  • To envisage social problems and to take due actions in order to accelerate the development of society;
  • To cultivate a sense of responsibility and social consciousness amongst members; and
  • To promote and safeguard the general right and welfare to members


Organisation of SPSA

The ultimate authority of the SPSA rests with its members who can exercise their power through General Polling. The full structure of the SPSA comprises Executive Committee, Council, Press Committee and Judicial Council.


The Executive Committee, comprising members elected by General Polling in the Annual Election, is responsible for all daily administrative matters of the SPSA. It is the committee representing the SPSA.


The Council is the authority responsible for all supervision and legislation affairs of the SPSA. It holds meetings that every member can join and express their opinions.


The Press Committee is responsible for the publication of the students’ magazine or newsletter.
The Judicial Council is the highest judicial body of the SPSA. It handles and settles any dispute between organisations as placed before it. It is also responsible for seeking legal advice and guidance on questions of law if necessary.


The Offices of SPSA are located at Room S308, 3/F, South Tower, PolyU West Kowloon Campus and Room 401, 4/F, PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus.  For enquiries on matters related to  SPSA, please email spsa@student.speed-polyu.edu.hk



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