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Artist Gregory Rivers encourages PolyU SPEED students to dare to dream
藝人河國榮與PolyU SPEED學生暢談「敢」想與夢想




Artist Gregory Rivers encourages PolyU SPEED students to dare to dream 

PolyU SPEED regularly holds career talks and invites distinguished people from different industries as guest speakers, hoping students to learn from the guests’ experiences and helping them plan for their future.  On 6 April 2016, the School held a talk on “Dare to Dream – Career Tips for Young Adults” and invited artist Mr Gregory Rivers to share with students about how he pursued his dream career.

Mr Rivers started by sharing how he embarked on a showbiz journey.  About 30 years ago, because of his passion for Cantonese pop songs, he decided to give up medical studies and moved from Australia to Hong Kong to chase his dreams.  He originally aspired to be a singer.  By chance, he has become an actor.  Although his dream has not come true yet, he was a step closer to his goal.  Since there were few acting opportunities in Hong Kong for foreign actors, he treated each one of them seriously.  For example, if there was no rehearsal before actual shooting, he would utilise his personal time to practise with hope to give better performances.  Also, Mr Rivers is keen on learning new things and taking challenges. He shared his experience of studying acting in Los Angeles, US. After he finished the course and came back to Hong Kong, he immediately gained recognition from the first drama he acted in “The Gateau Affairs”, proving that hard work would pay off.

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(Right to left) Dr Vanessa Liu, PolyU SPEED Senior Lecturer, Dr Jack Lo, PolyU SPEED Director, artist Mr Gregory Rivers, and Dr Regan Lam, PolyU SPEED Senior Lecturer cum Marketing Consultant, took a group photo.

Mr Gregory Rivers (2nd row, 4th from right) took a group photo with PolyU SPEED students and staff.

Mr Gregory Rivers shared his stories in pursuing dreams.


藝人河國榮與PolyU SPEED學生暢談「敢」想與夢想

PolyU SPEED定期舉辦職業講座,邀請不同行業的傑出人士到學院演講,讓同學可以從他們的經歷學習,幫助他們規劃人生。2016年4月6日,學院舉辦了一場名為「『敢』想、夢想 - 給青年人的職業啓示」講座,邀請藝人河國榮先生,與一眾同學分享他如何勇於追尋夢想職業。


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(右至左)PolyU SPEED高級講師廖舜華博士、院長羅文強博士、藝人河國榮先生及PolyU SPEED高級講師兼市場推廣顧問林立堅博士合照。

河國榮先生(第二排右四)與PolyU SPEED同學及教職員合照留念。