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Winners of PolyU SPEED “Go the Extra Mile” Writing Contest share their inspiring stories
PolyU SPEED “Go the Extra Mile” 徵文比賽優勝者分享勵志故事



The road to nurturing talents and lifelong learning is full of challenges. One of the best solutions is overcoming them proactively and positively in order to achieve the goal.  PolyU SPEED organised “Go the Extra Mile” Writing Contest to engage its academic staff, students and alumni in continuing self-improvement. The contest has received some meaningful stories from contestants who shared their real-life stories of how to excel themselves in teaching or learning against all odds.

The champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and five honourable mention winners were selected by the judges after their review of all the submissions. PolyU SPEED Director Dr Jack Lo presented the cash prizes and certificates to the winners to show his support.  Dr Lo found the positive attitude in learning shown in their stories very touching and thought that their perseverance demonstrated in adversity is worthy of commendation.

(Right to left) Dr Regan Lam, PolyU SPEED Programme Director and Scheme Leader of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Marketing cum the judge, Wong Wai Nam, the champion, Dr Jack Lo, PolyU SPEED Director, Chung Po Yi, the 2nd runner-up, and Dr Daisy Lee, PolyU SPEED Marketing Consultant and Lecturer cum the judge, took a group photo.
(右至左)PolyU SPEED課程總監及市場營銷(榮譽)文學士組合課程統籌兼評審林立堅博士、冠軍得主黃惠楠同學、PolyU SPEED院長羅文強博士、季軍得主鍾寶怡同學和PolyU SPEED市場推廣顧問及講師兼評審李雪梅博士合照。

Dr Jack Lo (right), PolyU SPEED Director, presented the certificate to the champion, Wong Wai Nam.
PolyU SPEED院長羅文強博士(右)頒發獎狀予冠軍得主黃惠楠同學。

PolyU SPEED alumnus Chong Ching Fan won the 1st runner-up in the contest.
PolyU SPEED校友莊清芬小姐於是次徵文比賽中獲得亞軍。

The following is a list of the awardees.

Name Prize
Wong Wai Nam Champion
Chong Ching Fan 1st runner-up
Chung Po Yi 2nd runner-up
Au Hin Man Honourable Mention
Chung Sin Yi Sarah Lyn Honourable Mention
Kaur Sukhpreet Honourable Mention
Ng Hoi Shan Alexandra Honourable Mention
Wong Yee Lok Honourable Mention

The articles of the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up can be found here.


PolyU SPEED “Go the Extra Mile” 徵文比賽優勝者分享勵志故事


作育英才與終身學習的路總是充滿挑戰,最佳應對方法之一是以積極正面的態度去克服困難、實現目標。PolyU SPEED舉辦了“Go the Extra Mile”徵文比賽,藉此鼓勵教員、學生和校友自強不息。是次比賽收集了不少有意義的故事,參加者寫下一些真實故事,分享如何在教學或學習上排除萬難、提升自我。

審閱過參賽作品後,評審選出了冠、亞、季及五個優異獎的得獎者。PolyU SPEED院長羅文強博士早前更親自頒發獎金及獎狀予得獎者,以示鼓勵。羅院長看到參賽文章中展現出正面學習態度,十分感動,他認為參加者即使遇到困境仍能迎難而上,值得嘉許。


姓名 獎項
黃惠楠 冠軍
莊清芬 亞軍
鍾寶怡 季軍
區騫文 優異獎
鍾倩怡 優異獎
Kaur Sukhpreet 優異獎
吳海珊 優異獎
黃綺樂 優異獎