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PolyU SPEED 同學於「錢家有道」個人理財大使計劃獲得最佳成績
PolyU SPEED students received the Best Award at "The Chin Family” Personal Finance Ambassador Programme


「錢家有道」個人理財大使計劃(“計劃”)是針對不同大專院校的學生而設。 學生需組成一個團隊參與該計劃。 他們被培訓為個人理財大使(“大使”),然後每個團隊需要完成一個團隊項目,向他們自己的院校的學生推廣理財教育信息。 表現最佳的五隊團隊可擭於2018年6月16日舉行的大使頒獎典禮發表項目。 由PolyU SPEED學生組成的兩隊伍分別獲得“最佳理財教育動議”和“優秀理財教育動議”。

The Chin Family” Personal Finance Ambassador Programme (“Programme”) is targeted at students from different tertiary institutions. Students were required to form a team to participate in the Programme. They were trained as Personal Finance Ambassadors (“Ambassadors”) and then each team developed and delivered a team project. The team project were to promote financial education messages to students at their own institutions. Only the best five teams could present at the Ambassador Award Ceremony held on 16th June 2018. The two teams formed by PolyU SPEED students from different programmes have been awarded the “Best Financial Education Initiative” and "Excellent Financial Education Initative".

"Epay group" 獲得“最佳理財教育動議”。 (左至右)王美嬋,許穎欣,高衍璋博士, 馬嘉麗,吳潔霞,王美芝博士,張鎮桓,葉頌銘
Team "Epay group" was awarded “Best Financial Education Initiative”. (left to right) Wong Mei Sim, Hui Annabel Wing Yan, Dr Annie Ko, Ma Jiali, Ng Kit Ha, Dr Macy Wong, Cheung Chun Wun, Yip Chung Ming


 “Card比數” 獲得“優秀理財教育動議”。(左至右)聖雅各福群會 署理副總幹事 張達昌先生 ,張聖堯,周卉茵,方敏賢,投資者教育中心總經理 李博衛先生
Team “Card比數” was awarded "Excellent Financial Education Initative". (left to right) Mr. Cooke Cheung, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Acting) of St. James’ Settlement, Zhang Sheng Yao,  Zhou Huiyin , Fong Man Yin , Mr. David Kneebone, General Manager of Investor Education Centre