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PolyU CPCE and Hong Kong International Aviation Academy Sign MoU
on Enhancement of Aviation-related Subjects and Activities



In order to nurture those in the younger generation who aspire to embark on a career in the aviation industry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)-affiliated College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE), Hong Kong Community College (HKCC), and Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (the Academy) of the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to collaborate on developing, providing and operating a range of aviation-related subjects, courses and activities to strengthen the training of aviation professionals in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s aviation industry has been flourishing in recent years. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) currently has over 73,000 staff. With the continuous increase in passenger and cargo traffic and a number of ongoing expansion projects at HKIA, there is a strong demand for talent in different fields of the aviation industry, such as maintenance, cargo logistics, and ground handling services. It is expected that after the completion of the Three-runway System, the aviation industry can provide over 120,000 direct jobs by the year 2030. Therefore, there is a strong need to step up the training of professionals for the aviation industry so as to solidify the industry’s future development.
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Prof. Peter P. Yuen, Dean of CPCE, Mr. Richard Skinner, Dean of the Academy, and 
Dr. Simon Leung, Associate Dean (Development) of CPCE and Director of HKCC
CPCE 院長阮博文教授、香港國際航空學院院長施健卓先生,以及 CPCE 副院長(發展)及HKCC 院長梁德榮博士
Management from CPCE, SPEED, HKCC, and the Academy took a group photo at the signing ceremony of the MoU



為了培育有志投身航空業的新一代,香港理工大學專業及持續教育學院 (CPCE)及理大香港專上學院 (HKCC) 於今天與香港機場管理局成立的香港國際航空學院簽訂合作備忘錄,協力設計、開辦及統籌一系列有關航空業的學科、課程及活動,加強培訓香港航空業的專業人才。

香港的航空業近年日益繁盛,現時香港國際機場有超過73,000名員工,隨着機場的客、貨運量不斷攀升,加上機場有多項擴建項目陸續進行,未來航空業對相關服務,如維修、貨運物流及地勤服務等方面的人才需求殷切,機管局預計在三跑道系統落成啟用後,於 2030 年將會提供超過 120 000 個直接職位。因此,加強培訓人才以推動航空業發展,實在刻不容緩。

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