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PolyU SPEED Work-Integrated Education & Summer Placement Programmes Gratitude Dinner 2018
PolyU SPEED校企協作教育及暑期實習計劃感謝宴2018


“PolyU SPEED Work-Integrated Education & Summer Placement Programmes Gratitude Dinner 2018” concludes successfully

Fifty-five enterprises engage PolyU SPEED students to learn at workplace



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-affiliated School of Professional Education and Executive Development (PolyU SPEED) held its “PolyU SPEED Work-Integrated Education & Summer Placement Programmes (WIE & SP Programmes) Gratitude Dinner 2018” on 12 October 2018. Over 200 guests, students and staff of College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) and PolyU SPEED joined the event.

Fifty-five enterprises had pledged their support for the “PolyU SPEED WIE & SP Programmes 2018” with a sponsorship amounting to around HK$1.74 million. The sponsorship was used to offer scholarships and/or internship opportunities to 127 SPEED students, benefiting more than 10% of the total student intake and spanning various disciplines of the School. Held mainly during summer, the WIE & SP Programmes provide valuable opportunities for students to experience real business operations, understand job requirements, enhance communication skills and competitiveness so that they can be well-equipped for the career market. With the guidance and support of the employers and SPEED lecturers, participating students could acquire valuable work experience. To express its sincere gratitude for the support of the employers and recognise students’ efforts, SPEED hosted a dinner to celebrate its fruitful collaboration with the employers.

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(from left to right) Dr Joseph So, Head of Student Affairs of CPCE, Dr Macy Wong, Assistant Programme Director and Senior Lecturer of SPEED, Dr Simon Leung, Associate Dean (Development) of CPCE, Prof. Peter P. Yuen, Dean of CPCE, Dr Jack Lo, Director of SPEED, and Prof. Warren Chiu, Associate Dean (Quality Assurance) of CPCE, propose a toast.
(左至右) CPCE學生事務總監蘇志豪博士、SPEED助理課程總監及高級講師王美芝博士、CPCE副院長(發展)梁德榮博士、CPCE院長阮博文教授、SPEED院長羅文強博士與CPCE副院長(質素保證)趙之琨教授主持祝酒儀式。

Management from CPCE and SPEED took a group photo with the employer representatives.
CPCE、SPEED管理層和參與「PolyU SPEED 校企協作教育及暑期實習計劃2018」的僱主代表合照留念。

PolyU SPEED student representatives show their appreciation to the employers by singing the song “I Believe I Can Fly”.
參與計劃的PolyU SPEED學生代表於台上領唱「I Believe I Can Fly」,透過歌聲向僱主表達謝意。


「PolyU SPEED校企協作教育及暑期實習計劃感謝宴2018」圓滿結束
55間企業給予PolyU SPEED學生實習機會


由香港理工大學專業進修學院(PolyU SPEED)主辦的「PolyU SPEED 校企協作教育及暑期實習計劃感謝宴2018」於2018年10月12日順利舉行,逾200名嘉賓、理大專業及持續教育學院(CPCE)及PolyU SPEED教職員及學生出席。
「PolyU SPEED 校企協作教育及暑期實習計劃 2018」共獲55間企業支持,提供約174萬港元獎學金,為127名PolyU SPEED學生提供獎學金及/或實習機會,受惠人數佔學院新生總數逾一成,涵蓋不同學科。這項計劃主要於每年暑假期間舉行,旨在讓學生體驗企業的實際商業運作,了解職場的工作需要,從而加強溝通技巧,提升競爭力,為投身職場作好準備。學生能夠在實習過程中獲得寶貴的工作經驗,實在有賴SPEED講師及參與計劃的僱主悉心指導與支持。為了向參與計劃的僱主表示衷心謝意,以及表揚同學所付出的努力,學院舉辦是次感謝宴慶祝校企協作的豐盛成果。
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