PolyU SPEED BA (Hons) in Business (Innovation and Design Management) - Full-time
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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Innovation and Design Management) - Full-time

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Innovation and Design Management) - Full-time

Programme Code

84039-ID (Full-time)

Credits Required for Graduation

Minimum 60 credits

Medium of Instruction

English (except for subjects with Chinese requirements)

Scheme Leader

Dr Simon YUEN


Award Leader

Dr Christopher YIN


Commencement Date

05 Sep 2022

Normal Duration

2 years

Tuition Fee (Local students)

HK$2,625/ credit
(Tuition fee for the 2022/23 academic year is subject to review)

Tuition Fee (Non-local students)

The tuition fee for non-local students will be 10% higher than that for local students.


Aims and Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Business is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and competencies to become a professional in the business sector. Graduates are expected to be adaptable to environmental changes, all-round, holistic, articulate, and respectful to others’ norms and cultures.


The Scheme comprises seven programmes namely:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Finance)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Health Services Management)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Human Resource Management)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Innovation and Design Management)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (International Business)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business (Operations and Supply Chain Management)

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete the following requirements with satisfactory results for an honours degree:


General University Requirements (GUR)9 – 18
2 Cluster Area Requirements (CAR) subjects (including 1 designated as China-related)+, 3 credits each6
1 Service-Learning OR Free Elective subject3
Up to 3 Language and Communication Requirements (LCR) subjects (2 in English & 1 in Chinese), 3 credits each

(for students who have not met the equivalent standard of undergraduate degree LCR based on their prior sub-degree studies only)*
0 – 9
Discipline Specific Requirements (DSR)
(Please refer to the table below for details)
51 – 60
FoundationUp to 3 subjects, 3 credits each
(for students from non-business-related disciplines only)
0 – 9
8 subjects, 3 credits each24
3 subjects, 3 credits each9
Elective6 subjects, 3 credits each
(at least 3 from the elective pool of students’ own subject area; others can be from subjects of any areas)
Work-Integrated Education (WIE)
300 hours of work-based learning experience
(Relevant work experience accumulated during or after sub-degree studies may be considered for fulfilment of WIE. Students will be invited to submit application for consideration after programme commencement.)
Total60 – 78

Within these subjects, students need to fulfil the English and Chinese reading and writing, and China studies requirements.


Students’ fulfilment of LCR will be assessed based on their academic records of sub-degree studies. They will be advised if they are required to take LCR subjects on admission.

Discipline Specific Requirements (DSR)


Foundation (for students from non-business-related disciplines only)

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Management


Scheme Compulsory (all 8 subjects)

  • Business Communication in Chinese 
  • Business Finance  CEF
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Governance 
  • Effective Professional Communication in English
  • Marketing Management  CEF
  • Applied Business Research
  • Integrated Study (Business)


Award-Specific Compulsory (all 3 subjects)

  • Design Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Principles and Practices of Entrepreneurship


Elective# - Innovation and Design Management (any 3 subjects)

  • Brand Management 
  • Consumer Behavior for Management 
  • Creative Economy: Practices and Opportunities
  • Managing Human Resources in the Global Context
  • Service Design Innovation


Elective# - Other Subject Areas (any 3 subjects)
(Students can choose the Award-specific Compulsory and Elective of the other subject areas under the Scheme as elective subjects)


Offering of any elective subjects is subject to sufficient enrolment.


This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund. The mother course (Bachelor of Arts in Business/ Bachelor of Arts in Business (Finance)/ Bachelor of Arts in Business (Health Services Management)/ Bachelor of Arts in Business (Human Resource Management)/ Bachelor of Arts in Business (Innovation and Design Management)/ Bachelor of Arts in Business (International Business)/ Bachelor of Arts in Business (Operations and Supply Chain Management)) of this module is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 5).

Entrance Requirements

Holder of a recognised Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in business-related areas. Applicants with qualifications in non-business-related areas will also be considered and, if admitted, are required to take appropriate foundation subject(s).



  1. The main medium of instruction of the study programme concerned should be English.  An applicant who has completed the programme with other languages as the main medium of instruction should attain the following English Language requirement: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 (paper based); 80 (Internet based).
  2. An applicant who does not possess the above-mentioned qualification but has reached the age of 25 before 1 September, in the year in which he/she seeks admission, may apply as a mature applicant.  A mature applicant should possess relevant work experience in senior positions and is expected to have completed some post-secondary studies in business-related areas. He/she will also be required to pass an admission test and demonstrate to the Admission Interview Panel his/her ability to complete the programme.  In addition, he/she may be required to take appropriate foundation subject(s).

Career Prospects

Graduates will possess proficient business communication skills, and stand ready to attempt professional qualification scheme relevant to their chosen practice. They will be immediately capable of embarking employment in a relevant profession.


Scheme Leader

Dr Simon YUEN

3746 0098

Award Leader

Dr Christopher Yin

3746 0094

Programme Officer

Mr Michael HUI

3746 0074

Senior Administrative Assistant


3746 0045

Administrative Assistant

Mr Kelvin TAM

3746 0039