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YAO, Yijiang Johnny

Mr YAO, Yijiang Johnny



  • BSocSc (UM)
  • MA (H.K.U.S.T.)
  • MA (C.U.H.K.)
  • EdD (Brist.)
  • 國家語委普通話水平測試 (一級乙等)

Mr Johnny Yao received his Bachelor of Social Sciences (majoring in Contemporary China Study) from the University of Macau. He further obtained his MA degree in China Studies from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and MA degree in Gender Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently pursuing his EdD degree at the University of Bristol, UK. Mr Yao has obtained Level One Grade B in the Putonghua Proficiency Test (Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi) organised by The State Language Commission of China.


His academic interests include sociological implications of language, autonomy and technology in language learning, and gender issues in contemporary Chinese society. Mr Yao is interested in jogging, swimming and reading.