PolyU-SPEED Awards (Top-up Programmes)

1. Transcript of Studies

Students may apply for a transcript of studies which contains a complete record of subject results of your current programme of study via the my.speed student portal. A fee of HK$50* will be charged.

2. Academic Award

Upon successful completion of study, students will be conferred the appropriate academic award at the graduation ceremony normally held within October to December. Invitation will be sent to students in September and students will be requested to confirm the attendance. Academic award parchments will normally be available for collection after the graduation ceremony.

3. Certification of Award

In case of loss of your award parchment, no replacement shall be issued. However, students can apply for a Certification of Award (Form 19) to certify the award obtained. Your application must be returned with Statutory Declaration from the District Office or the police report testifying the loss. A fee of HK$225* will be charged for each certification.

Credit-bearing Courses Offered under Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM)

1. A certification will be issued to students who have satisfied all the prescribed requirements for completion. The Certification will specify the title and level of the course, the number of credits earned and the grade achieved.

2. Students who wish to claim Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Awards have to submit an application to the School in which they have to specify which credits in their record of study they will use to claim the award. A non-refundable graduation fee is payable by those who claim for an award. Application forms for claiming PCE awards are obtainable at the School Office or its website.

Non Credit-bearing Courses

1. Unless otherwise specified, Certificates of Attendance will be issued to those students who have attended 70% or more of the classes.

2. Certain courses have an optional final assessment. If you have achieved satisfactory attendance and successfully passed the assessment, you will be eligible for a Certificate of Attainment issued by PolyU SPEED. Please refer to individual course information for details.

3. No re-examination will be arranged if you are absent from or fail the assessment, except for certain courses where examination policies have been specified in the Prospectus or course brochures.

4. Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Attainment will be sent to eligible students by ordinary mail upon completion of the course.

5. Certificates will not be re-issued. If you need additional certification that you have completed a certain course, you may apply in writing. Fee for issuing each certificate is HK$100*.

* Subject to change without further notice