Director's Message

Established in 1999, the School of Professional Education and Executive Development of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU SPEED) initially offered short courses and diploma/ certificate programmes.  We have kept abreast of the times in terms of programme development, curriculum design, staff quality, teaching standard and student development.   To meet the manpower needs of a knowledge-based economy, we started offering top-up degree programmes to provide articulation opportunities for sub-degree graduates and to meet the needs of the industry and society in 2003.  Starting from the 2014/15 academic year, all our top-up degree programmes are offered at honours degree level.  PolyU SPEED has developed from a relatively small unit to a sizable school with a diversified portfolio of more than 40 top-up bachelor’s honours degree programmes for graduates of Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes in the 2015/16 academic year. The overwhelming demand for our programmes over the years is a powerful testimony to our programme quality and the concerted efforts of our staff, students, alumni and industry partners.

PolyU SPEED is also committed to developing its students into all-round talents by offering them a wide array of student development activities. Our students are supported by scholarships and sponsorship to take part in overseas exchange and internship programmes. The overarching objective is to develop our students into competent professionals, critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders through conventional teaching as well as out-of-classroom learning experiences.  

Whatever your chosen field of study is, the aim of PolyU SPEED is to make you a highly-sought after individual when you complete your studies. We guarantee that you will be ready to hit the ground running when you graduate and launch your career or further your studies, whatever it may be. 

Whatever your industry is, the aim of PolyU SPEED is to develop reliable talents to meet the needs of the economy.  


Jack M.K. Lo, PhD
School of Professional Education and Executive Development
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


PolyU SPEED於1999年成立,最初提供短期進修課程和文憑/證書課程。學院在課程發展及設計、教職員質素、教學水平以至學生發展方面一直與時並進。隨著知 識型經濟對人才的需求,學院於2003年起開辦學士學位銜接課程,為副學位學生提供升學機會,配合社會及不同行業的需要;自2014/15 學年,學院開辦的所有學士學位銜接課程已達致榮譽學位程度。PolyU SPEED一直穩步向前,從一所細小教學單位發展成為今日具規模的學院,2015/16學年起,學院將為副學士及高級文憑畢業生提供逾40個多元化的榮譽學士學位銜接課程。多年來,社會對學院的課程需求殷切,正是學院課程質素的明證和教職員、同學、校友以及業界夥伴一起努力的成果。

PolyU SPEED亦致力透過不同的學生發展活動,為學生提供全面發展機會,當中包括以獎學金及贊助金資助學生到海外交流及實習,目的是結合傳統教學及課堂以外的學習經驗,培育優於專業、敏於思辨、善於溝通、富於創見、精於解難、樂於學習、立於仁德的領導人才。

無論你在PolyU SPEED選修什麼專業範疇的課程,我們的目標是讓你具備寶貴的專業知識和業界經驗,在畢業時能整裝待發地迎接未來挑戰,不論是投身職場或繼續深造,也能朝理想邁進。