Dr YUEN, Sheung-man Simon

Senior Lecturer 高級講師

BSc [PolyU (H.K.) ]; PhD (H.K. Baptist U.); FSTLA; CMILT; PMHKLA; MIPSHK
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Teaching and Scholarly Interests

  • Operations Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Management and Practices
  • Aviation Logistics
  • e-business
  • Learning & Teaching in Higher Education


Research-Scholarly Outputs


Dr. Simon S.M. Yuen obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business & Decision Sciences (Operations and Supply Chain Management) from School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr. Yuen also graduated in B.Sc. with First Class Honours in the Department of Shipping and Transport Logistics (now LMS) in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Yuen has worked with several MNCs such as Container Terminal, Logistics and Liner Shipping Company before joining PolyU SPEED.

Currently, Dr. Yuen is the Senior Lecturer and Award leader of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Business (Operations and Supply Chain Management). Dr. Yuen teaches business subjects including Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, e-business, Business Management, Business Statistics and Applied Business Research.

Dr. Yuen is also active in research and scholarly activities. He has published papers and articles in international journals, professional magazines and academic conferences. Also, he writes a column on Business Trade and Logistics in the Hong Kong Economic Journal. His research areas include Operations and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management and Practices, Aviation Logistics, e-business and Learning & Teaching in Higher Education.

Moreover, Dr. Yuen participates and is involved in several activities of local and international professional bodies such as Honorary Chairman of Younger Managers' Club in Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA); committee member and YMC Advisor (2002-2012) of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong.

Dr. Yuen was an awardee of 3rd Young Leaders Selection Award which was organized by Harbour Junior Chamber, JCI (HK) in 2009.


Selected Publications


  • 袁尚文, 于承忠: 《物流通識》, 香港: 三次坊出版社, 2015年7月。

Journals, Working Papers and Conference Proceedings

  • Yuen S.M., Chen I.S.N, and Fung P.K.O. (2015), Knowledge Management and Service Quality Capabilities for Performance: An empirical study of Logistics Service Providers, Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual Meeting 2015, Seattle, United States, 21-24 November 2015. (Forthcoming)
  • Yuen S.M. and Cheng C., (2015), Quality Management Measures in Food Supply Chain: An Overview and Case Study of McDonald’s Hong Kong, PolyU SPEED Working Paper Series, 2015 (1).
  • Chen I.S.N, Yuen S.M. and Fung P.K.O. (2015), Organizational Learning, Supply Chain Orientation and Organizational Capabilities: A Study of Logistics Service Providers, EMAC 2015, Leuven, Belgium, 26-29 May 2015.
  • Bennet D., Heron G., Yuen S.M., Swamy M. (2014), Kaizen group enquiry based learning, primary data analysis & research led outputs: A summary of our research to date, Research in Higher Education Conference, 9-11 December 2014, Newport, UK.
  • Yuen S.M., (2014), The Research of Quick Response in Retail Fashion Sector: A Case of ZARA (HK), International Conference on Sustainable Development in Business and Supply Chain Management (ICSBS 2014), 27-28 November 2014, London, United Kingdom.
  • Yuen S.M. and Cheng C., (2014), Quality Management and Control of Food Supply Chain in Hong Kong: An Overview and Cases, The 19th Asia-Pacific Decision Sciences Institute Conference (APDSI 2014), 18-22 July 2014, Yokohama, Japan.
  • Bennet D., Heron G., Yuen S.M., Swamy M. (2014), Kaizen Group Enquiry Based Learning, Primary Data Analysis and Research Led output: Lessons from an undergraduate final year module based upon strategic supply chain management investigation, LRN Conference 2014, United Kingdom.
  • Yuen S.M. and Cheng C., (2013), Strategic Procurement in Textile and Apparel Sourcing Companies in Hong Kong: A Practitioner’s Perspective, Journal of Business and Economics (ISSN 2155-7950), USA.
  • Yuen S.M. (2013), Managing RFID Adoption in Retail Business Supply Chains in Hong Kong: A Practitioner Perspective, The 10th Asian Academy of Management International Conference 2013 (AAMC 2013), 23-25 August 2013, Penang, Malaysia.
  • Yuen S.M., (2012), Critical Factors of Strategic Procurement in textile and apparel sourcing companies in Hong Kong: An empirical study, International Journal of Enterprise Network Management, 5(1), pp.55–71.
  • Yuen S.M. and Lau Y.Y. (2011), An Analytical Study of Asia Wine Trading and Distribution Centre in Hong Kong, The Fourth International Conference of Asian Shipping and Logistics (ICASL 2011), 5-6 May 2011, Tainan City, Taiwan.
  • Yuen S.M., (2010), Development of Electronic Marketplace for Collaborative Supply Chain: A Conceptual Framework, International Journal of Enterprise Network Management, 4(1), pp.59-67.
  • Wang Y. and Yuen S.M. (2010), Logistic IT Competence and Logistic Service Performance, The 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE 2010), 4-6 December 2010, Hangzhou, China.
  • Liu T.C.M. and Yuen S.M. (2010), The Relationship between Customers’ Loyalty and Value: An Empirical Study of Chinese Banking Industry, 2010 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo: Marketing in a Turbulent Environment, 9-12 September 2010, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Yuen S.M., Liu T.C.M. and Tong H.Y. (2010), Discussion and Overview: Post-graduate and Master Degree Programmes in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Joint Conference of The 4th International Conference of Operations and Supply Chain Management and The 15th Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute (ICOSCM 2010), 25-31 July 2010, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, pp.40-47.
  • Zhu Z.H., Liu T.C.M. and Yuen S.M. (2010), The research of how e-business improves Hong Kong freight industry operations, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Networks and Digital Society (ICNDS 2010), 30-31 May 2010, Wenzhou, China.

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