Miss CHOW, So-ming Billie

Senior Lecturer 高級講師

BSc (Sur.); MMgt (Macq.); CHE
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Research-Scholarly Outputs


Miss Chow joined PolyU SPEED in September 2005. Previously she was on faculty at the School of Hotel & Tourism Management, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to pursuing a career in education, she had extensive operational and managerial experience in hospitality and tourism industry in England and in Hong Kong. 

Teaching Philosophy
Tertiary education goes beyond the transmission and accumulation of knowledge alone. It entails the development of students as a whole person preparing them for living and working in this extremely complex world. As an education facilitator my central principle is total honesty, sensitivity, sincerity and supportiveness when interacting with students. Our hearts speak louder than our mouths! Equally important is that we should practise what we preach. Students see us as their role-models in cultivating life-long learning commitment, positive working attitude, and constantly upholding high level of professionalism when pursuing career.

Professional learning is experiential in nature and failure is an important foundation for effective learning. A “fear-free” learning environment must be provided for students to make mistakes, exercise their critical thinking, exploring their creativity and alternative options. Respecting individuality of each student, I enjoy getting to know students personally, taking genuine interest in their individual development and progress. Professionally they are my students but personally they are my friends.

Academic Qualifications
MA (2000) Macquarie University, Australia
BSc (1989) University of Surrey, UK

Professional Qualifications
CHE (1996) Certified Hospitality Educator, American Hotel & Motel Association, USA

Selected Professional Activities - Subject specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation (HKCAA)
- Assistant Examiner for HKCEE Travel & Tourism subject, Hong Kong Examination & Assessment Authority (HKEAA)

Selected Publications
McKercher B., du Cros H., Ho P., Chow B (2002), “Activities-Based Segmentation of the Cultural Tourism Market”, Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, Vol.12(1), pp23-46.

McKercher B & Chow B (2001), “Cultural Distance and Participation in Cultural Tourism”, Pacific Tourism Review, Vol. 5, pp. 23-32.

Chow B (2002), “Developing Cultural Tourism: A Lesson Learned” in Lu C., Chon K., Zhang H., Xie Y (eds), Tourism Development in the Asia Pacific Region: Worldwide Views & Multidimensional Perspectives, The 8th Annual Conference of Asia Pacific Tourism Association, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, pp135-139.

Chan B & Chow B (1998), “A Comparative Study of the Job Selection Attributes Perceived by Hong Kong Hotel School Students and Local Hotel Industry”, in Proceeding of The Third Annual Conference Graduate Education / Graduate Students Research In Hospitality & Tourism, University of Houston, U.S.A., pp194-201, January 8-10.