Student Card

PolyU-SPEED Awards (Top-up Programme)

  1. Those who have enrolled in the PolyU-SPEED Award programmes will be issued a student identity card. You are entitled to the rights and privileges of a full-time or part-time student, as appropriate, for the period you have duly paid the tuition and other fees and have completed the registration procedures. You should carry your student identity card at all times while in the University premises as it enables you to access to various facilities of the University / School.
  2. In case you are eligible to progress in your study after the expiry of your student identity card, the School will advise you to exchange for a new student identity card before the commencement of the following semester.
  3. For transfer of study which requires the issuance of a new student identity card, you will be charged a fee for the new student identity card.
  4. Student identity card is the property of the School and is not transferable. It should be returned to the School upon the expiry date, termination of your student status or graduation, whichever is earlier. If you fail to return the student identity card within the specified period, the caution money paid shall be confiscated, and you may not be eligible for any certification of your study.
  5. In case your student identity card is lost or damaged, or you have amended your name or transferred to a programme of a different mode, you should submit an application for "Replacement of Student Identity Card" (Form 16). A replacement fee for the new student identity card will be charged.


Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM)

  1. Those who have enrolled in credit-bearing courses offered under CAM will be issued a CAM student identity card. The card is for identification only, and may be used to access learning and teaching facilities provided that the course you enrol in entitles you to have such rights. Please refer to the course information or your admission letter for the specific facilities you can use.
  2. Use of the CAM student identity card is governed by the regulations stated in the CAM Student Handbook, a copy of which will be given to students together with the CAM student identity card. Students will be informed by the School the method of collecting the card after admission.