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School Employability Office

PolyU SPEED School Employability / ECD-WIE Office


The School Employability / Employability Competency Development Work-Integrated Education (ECD-WIE) Office is dedicated to helping and grooming graduating students to explore, plan and prepare themselves for their career.  We are always here to provide students with the resources, services, programmes and assistance to actualise their career aspirations so that they will become work-ready graduates and lifelong learners.  We strongly encourage every student to make good use of our resources and services by visiting our website regularly, paying attention to our emails, and joining our programmes and workshops.


Below are some of our services:

  • Career Advising and Guidance
  • Comprehensive Job Market Information about the Trends and Prospects of Various Industries
  • Up-to-date Job Information for Internships, Part-time and Full-time Employment
  • Career Fair
  • Company Visits
  • Job Hunting Skills Workshops
  • Job Postings
  • Job Referrals
  • Recruitment Talks
  • Work-Integrated Education (WIE) / Summer Scholarship Placement Programme

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With funding from the HKSAR Government through the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund, the ECD-WIE Office has been established since September 2017 to enhance the employability of students. It is a strategic approach to have a central coordination of work-related and employability competency development activities as well as the enhancement of institutional capacity to enable students to gain learning experiences conducive to their future employability.


The key aims of ECD-WIE office are to:

  • Arouse students’ awareness to better equip and position themselves in the labour market;
  • Support students’ learning experience and workforce readiness by building relationships with the business, industry, government and community sectors in an effective way;
  • Organise career-related and employability competency development activities (e.g. work placements, internship opportunities, job shadowing, career talks, company visits, non-technical skills training, etc.) to get students acquainted with the workplace and enhance their employability;
  • Provide quality WIE experience and training in alignment with graduates’ capabilities to meet the expectations of all key stakeholders.


The School Employability / ECD-WIE Office is also committed to building strong and long-term partnerships with existing and prospective employers for talent development and recruitment opportunities. Please feel free to contact us if your company is interested in hiring from PolyU SPEED or exploring possible collaboration with us.