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General Information

Student Card

PolyU-SPEED Award Programmes

Those who have enrolled in (PolyU-SPEED) award programmes will be issued a student identity card. Upon the completion of registration procedures, you are entitled to the rights and privileges of a full-time or part-time student, as appropriate, for the period you have duly paid the tuition and other fees. You should carry your student identity card at all times in order to get access to various facilities on the PolyU main campus, the Hung Hom Bay campus and West Kowloon campus. 


If you continue your study after the expiry of your student identity card, the School will advise you to exchange for a new student identity card before commencement of the following semester.


Student identity card is the property of the School and is not transferable. It should be returned to the School upon the expiry date or termination of your student status, whichever is earlier. If you fail to return the student identity card within the specified period, the caution money paid shall be confiscated, and you may not be eligible for any certification of your study.


In case your student identity card is lost or damaged, or you have amended your name, you should submit an application for "Replacement of Student Identity Card" (download form CAR 16 on my.SPEED). A replacement fee for the new student identity card will be charged, as appropriate. 

Study Schedule

PolyU-SPEED Award Programmes


Full-time programmes


Full-time students are normally required to study 15 credits in each semester and enjoy a summer break after two semesters in an academic year. Under the normal study load, the number of class contact hours per week is about 15. Most of the classes will be held during daytime while some may be arranged in the evening.


Part-time programmes


Part-time students are normally required to take 6 credits in each semester and 3 credits in summer term. Under the normal study load, the number of class contact hours per week is about 6. Most of the classes will be held during weekday evening and/or Saturday afternoon.

Teaching and Assessment Methods

PolyU-SPEED Award Programmes

Teaching is usually conducted through lectures, tutorials and seminars. Depending on the contents and requirements of individual subject, classes may also be supplemented by laboratory and practical sessions. Online learning platform is also available through which students and teachers are encouraged to interact outside classrooms.


To enable students to demonstrate that they have met the intended learning outcomes of the academic programmes and fulfilled the requirements of each subject, appropriate methods of assessment will be employed. These methods usually include individual assignment, group project, test and examination, etc.


PolyU-SPEED Award Programmes

  1. Transcript of Studies
    Students may apply for a transcript of studies which contains a complete record of subject results of your current programme of study via my.SPEED student portal. A fee of HK$70per copy will be charged. 
  2. Academic Award
    Students who meet all the necessary requirements of the University/School and the programme concerned will be eligible for graduation. Students with graduation status confirmed on or before 15 March will receive the academic award parchment in late March/early April with the award parchment dated 15 March of the year concerned, while students with graduation status confirmed after 15 March and before 1 October will receive their parchment in late October/early November with the award parchment dated 30 September of the year concerned.

    Students will be conferred the appropriate academic award at the graduation ceremony normally held within October to December. Invitation will be sent to students in September and students will be requested to confirm their attendance.
  3. Certification of Award
    In case of loss of your award parchment, no replacement shall be issued. However, students can apply for a Certification of Award (download form CAR 19 on my.SPEEDor CPCE Academic Registry's website) to certify the award obtained. A fee of HK$250* will be charged for each certification. 


Continuing Education (CE) Courses

  1. Courses leading to CE Qualifications
    Students who have completed all the requirements as specified for the course will be issued the Certificate concerned.
  2. Courses not leading to CE Qualifications
    Students who have completed the course with satisfactory attendance will be issued a Certificate of Attendance.


For courses with non-assessed coursework/participation requirements, students who have achieved satisfactory attendance and completed the coursework/participation requirements will be issued a Certificate of Completion.


All Certificates will not be re-issued. If you need additional certification that you have completed a certain course, you may apply in writing. Fee for issuing each certification is HK$100*.



Subject to change without further notice