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Credit Transfer and Subject Exemption

Applicable to PolyU SPEED Programmes Leading to a Degree Awarded by PolyU


If you consider your previous study relevant to your current programme/ subject, you may apply for credit transfer/ subject exemption by using this form.


  1. Credit Transfer
    You should submit an application for credit transfer upon your initial enrolment on the programme or before the end of the add/drop period of the first semester of your first year of study. Late applications may not be considered. The granting of credit transfer is subject to the maximum limit for credit transfer, the validity period of the credits earned as well as other regulations of the programme concerned. For successful cases, a credit transfer fee will be charged. All credits transferred will be counted for satisfying the award requirements.
  2. Subject Exemption
    You may be granted subject exemption from taking certain subjects if you have successfully completed similar subjects in another programme. The credits associated with the exempted subject will not be counted for satisfying the credit requirements of your programme. You should consult your Programme Leader and take another subject in its place.