Artist Mr Wong Cho Lam Encourages Students to Pursue their Dreams in the Sharing Session of “PolyU SPEED Career Fair 2017” | PolyU SPEED

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Artist Mr Wong Cho Lam Encourages Students to Pursue their Dreams in the Sharing Session of “PolyU SPEED Career Fair 2017”

Mr Wong Cho Lam (centre), Dr Simon Leung (2nd from left), CPCE Associate Dean (Development) cum HKCC Director, Dr Joseph So (right), CPCE Student Affairs Office Head of Student Affairs, Dr Jack Lo (2nd from right), PolyU SPEED Director, and Mr Anders Yung, PolyU SPEED Assistant Programme Director, took a group photo.

Four winning PolyU SPEED students of the Fair’s game enjoyed a close encounter with Mr Wong Cho Lam (centre).

Mr Wong Cho Lam (4th from right in the front row) took group photo with PolyU SPEED students and staff after the sharing session.

Mr Wong Cho Lam talked about his experience in career development.


Renowned artist Mr Wong Cho Lam, who has once been elected as one of the “Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons”, attended the sharing session of “PolyU SPEED Career Fair 2017” (the Fair) organised by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-affiliated School of Professional Education and Executive Development (PolyU SPEED), and co-organised by CPCE Student Affairs Office and Career Times Online Limited, the media partner of the Fair, on 19 April 2017.  Mr Wong Cho Lam shared his stories with more than 200 PolyU SPEED students and staff on how he has overcome all the difficulties during his ventures in show business, realised his dreams through hard work and perseverance, and achieved his goal of “Dream Today‧Fly Tomorrow” against all odds.


The Fair aims to assist PolyU SPEED students in making timely planning and preparation for their career paths. The sharing session was one of the major events of the Fair. This year, the Fair motivated students to join by designing some digitised game missions. Four students who had accomplished the missions and won in the game were invited to join Mr Wong Cho Lam in an exclusive lunch gathering, which was held before the sharing session. The winning students enjoyed a close encounter with Mr Wong Cho Lam as well as his inspiring story.


During the sharing session, Mr Wong Cho Lam answered numerous questions from enthusiastic students, including how he has been realising his dreams, coping with frustrations and difficulties in life, and striking a balance between family life and career development after achieving fame. At the end of the sharing session, Mr Wong Cho Lam presented four unique gift sets with his autograph to the winning students of the digitised game missions as an encouragement. In return, the four students prepared a surprise present to Mr Wong Cho Lam as a token of appreciation for his sharing.


Mr Wong Cho Lam shared, “Nowadays, employers not only place importance on employees’ competence, but also their emotional quotient (EQ) and their ability to bring positive energy to the workplace. Furthermore, proper handling of interpersonal relationship is also beneficial to career development. I advise students to learn how to handle interpersonal relationship and enhance their EQ after starting their career paths. In career planning, continuing education and self-improvement also play an important role. In the beginning, students may not have a strong network. But with competency, their career can still flourish. On the contrary, if after gaining some experiences at work, students only rely on relationship without improving their knowledge and skills, they cannot possibly sustain their competitiveness.”


Dr Jack Lo, Director of PolyU SPEED, said, “We endeavour to invite outstanding persons from different sectors to the campus as guest speakers, hoping that our students can learn from their valuable sharing. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr Wong Cho Lam for attending the sharing session and talking with our students and staff about how he has pursued his dreams. It is a precious opportunity to let students understand that one needs courage to start dreaming, while overcoming adversity with self-improvement will be the key to successful pursuit of one’s dreams. The sharing session of Mr Wong Cho Lam has indeed provided great inspiration for our students.”