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Gladys Lee

Gladys Lee

Graduation year:



BA (Hons) in Professional Communication*

Current status:

Secondary School Teacher

Being one of the awardees of the PolyU SPEED Scholarship for Full-time Students gave me confidence to pursue my dream, which was to study Politics in the UK. This experience reminded me that we should always have a dream, and should never drift along our lives without a goal or a purpose. We should never hesitate to chase our dreams as we will surely find great supporters in PolyU SPEED.



Employed as a Secondary School Teacher


  • Admitted to the Master of Arts in Politics at The University of Manchester
  • Graduated from PolyU SPEED


  • Received SPEED Scholarship for Full-time Students 2016/17
  • Joined the International Cultural Experience (ICE) tour, Oxford University


Joined PolyU SPEED

*This programme was revamped and retitled as BA (Hons) in Language and Professional Communication (Digital Media) in 2022/23.