PolyU SPEED课程及职业讲座系列 - 语言研究兼信息分析 (荣誉) 文学士 | 香港理工大学专业进修学院


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PolyU SPEED课程及职业讲座系列 - 语言研究兼信息分析 (荣誉) 文学士


2024年06月18日 (星期二)


7:00 – 8:30 pm


Room SUG102, UG/F, South Tower, PolyU West Kowloon Campus & MS Teams




AI is a splendid tool for doing a first translation. However, convenience notwithstanding, you are also running the risk of producing awkward and problematic translated text marred with errors big and small.


Are there remedies? Of course! Learn how to turn AI translated text into better quality workby joining this FREE online workshop organised by PolyU SPEED’s BA (Hons) in Language Studies with Information Analytics.




Workshop highlights

  • Post-editing skills (i.e. polishing or revising) – the most important step in translation
  • Systemic and holistic guidelines for polishing a Chinese-to-English translation
  • Online tools for C-to-E translators

Participation is FREE. What’s more, you will receive a Letter of Attendance issued by the Director of PolyU SPEED after the workshop.



Raymond Ng

Mr Raymond Ng, Lecturer of Division of Languages and Communication of PolyU CPCE

As a practitioner of translation with professional training in linguistics and translation, Mr Ng has been trying to bridge the two disciplines in translation practice. The areas of works which Mr Ng has translated range from art and design to song lyrics.